MKE #1 – Week 4B

Starting to Recognize My Dreams in REALITy and making them one.

As I wake up day after day and complete my daily readings,

sit for 30 minutes and listen to my inner world.

I see in my heart a clear picture of the world I desire to live.

When I go to sleep, I live in this world,

it the world withen my heart.

Awhile ago I doubted my reality could be my dreams,

and Now I am beginning to recognize them in plain sight!

Like an old friend that I know, but failed to see as I walk through a park,

or down the street, in the supermarket,


My Dream is Real!, I just wasn’t recognizing it.

It is only after chucking opinions out the nonsensical window

that I have been making eye contact, smiling and invoking my dreams and they have been approaching me and inviting me to come and play with them!

Dont be afraid to live your dreams, if you ask for it, it exists

Trust The Universe to support you and Beleive in yourself!

If you can think it, dream it, Ask for it,

you can do it, in All Reality!

Instead of pre-referencing my desires with doubts, fears and failure to succeed

i Ask for what I want and fast forward in my mind.

i imagine what it would be like to feel to experience whatever it is I am asking to experience!

Then it is almost like the experience is joined by my tangible reality and it is so phenomenally

boosting to my faith when I manifest something and think,

Thank-you 😊❤️!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Never Stop saying Thank you.

Never Stop saying I Love You!

I Love to Love Others,

it is my Greatest Compassion,

above any and all other detailed dreams and goal.

Whatever I Am doing, It Means Nothing without Love.

mknancy - October 31, 2015

Your dreams ARE real!

Donna Wasielewski - October 27, 2015

You were on the blog roll of one of the 5 people below my name I was asked to comment on so here I am! Very profound statements and very poetic in appearance. I am so happy you are hearing your dreams getting back in touch with you. Isn’t this just the best experience?!

mkdeanna - October 26, 2015

Yes, I agree. I love your clarity Kendra. <3

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