MKE #1 – Week 5

This week has been very difficult for me.

On top writing a press release, DMP, and Blog post.

Making sure I remember to read Emersons Law, My scrolls and master key assignment,

PIF!!! And

sit for 30 minutes,

im giving my old blueprint a run for its money!

everything I once did is being challenged and if it doesn’t improve my life, it is being deleted.

Because i have no time to lose, or waste on anything that doesn’t bring me higher and closer to my goals.

Altough I can feel my old habits dying in the background, screaming and whining about not wanting to go,

i am having to trust and put my complete faith and my life in The Hands of Hope.

I am be raged with worry, worry, worry that I do not have enough time, am not going to make it, am losing focuse of what’s REALLEY important.

And that is all Fluff and stuff.

The MKMMA better know what they’re doing as far as directing my life’s course, because right now I feel like a little boat, in the middle of the open water with nothing but a compass and the water all around me.

I cannot see anything else but where I am right now,

and I hope and must trust and have faith that the compass I’m holding is accurate and is leading me in the direction of My dreams,

The True Destination.

Due North!

I have heard it said, over and over …..

that A Rainbow comes Only after the

Darkest of Storms,

i have been through some pretty dark storms,

thinking its ruined! And I’ve never gone down the path of failure,

but life is mischievous, in that it hides true success and beauty in the most

unobvious of places, testing to see if we will realley give anything that it takes

to receive our dreams!

Even the scariest thought in the world!

The feelings of uncertainty, of shape-shifting, shaking ground

that feels like quicksand, but is realley a Rabbit Hole

The feeling of falling

is sometimes mistaken

at first,

for the Reality that you are Flying!

Moving so fast that Our Ego*,

Cannot keep up and we have no other inspiration

but to pray and have hope , faith and trust that

we will end up where we want to be.


“Take Care of Me Now,

Cause I’m letting Go

And Giving this My Whole life.

Im¬†surrendering All I’ve got

Everything I Can Possibly Do,

is Put aside to

Let My Dreams Come True!



EVER, Ever


i Cannot!

Ive come this far,

Wished upon a star,

To be here


Where am i?

Ive Almost Forgot!

RUNNING Towards the Hope, the visions, the dreams …

with Nothing but,

My Promises it seems,

like a mosquito to light,

how do I know I’ll be alright?

I’ll Finish It! And Do whatever it takes!

I Always Keep My Promises!,

I do what I say.

Make decisions that teach me,

learn from my mistakes.

Instead of just running like a rat on a wheel,

let me know it’s not for nothing!

That the Promise is Real!

i will not stay and play it safe,

it is easy to fear,

yet hard to ignore,

That all that I ask for is just outside the door!

There is no Lock,

To Seperate me,

Because I know


If I Complete this simple test,

the rest is history!

Cause I know what my heart

is aching for most,

and if I don’t

Make it,

forever I’ll be

Stuck in a box

fool of Mystery,

Cause I couldn’t decide,

To stay Stuck or Go Free.”

The Risk is Far Outweighed by the Dread of Living My life in Regret

because I didn’t Try.

“I CAN be what I WILL to be!”

I promise.

Nancy Ottinger - November 1, 2015

You are a breath of fresh air!

mkdeanna - November 1, 2015

Wow, I am deeply moved by your words. <3

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