MKE #3 – Week 23 – Tapering off

As the end of a certain experience is imminent I feel peptides activating in the absence of absolute certainty. Is this the end? Is that it, no more chances to do what I desire? Is time up? Hmmm… Lessons in detachment can be tricky. Although I feel i would be content to simply lay meditate […]

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MKE #3 – Week 22 – Momentum

I love listening to the waves crashing within as well as without me There seems to be alot of energy that is surging in pools, oceans rising up above me and curling in on themselves as they drop from the greatest 0f heights. Even when the waves reach up as far as they can onto […]

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Kishahloms Journey – Art – #16

In case you may not have noticed yet, I really enjoy contemplating metaphysical concepts and ideas. I was raised from birth in a spiritual teaching of Universal Laws and Unity in general. I resonate with it so much. I feel so incomparably joyous in the path I have chosen for myself so far and I […]

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