MKE #1 – Week 4B

Starting to Recognize My Dreams in REALITy and making them one. As I wake up day after day and complete my daily readings, sit for 30 minutes and listen to my inner world. I see in my heart a clear picture of the world I desire to live. When I go to sleep, I live in […]

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MKE #1 – Week 3

I’m Impressed by myself, For Impressing myself! ❤️ I wanted quit the masterkey the moment I had begun because I thought it was just another one of those “Self-help” Programs that are flying around the internet that each and every person has their own take on. I was already overwhelmingly busy and thought I didn’t […]

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MKE #1 – Week 1

  MKMMA – The Master Key MasterMind Alliance This Is a New Begining and a New oppurtunity for Something I am not totally aware of yet. Although it is my desire to constantly Learn and Grow, To become my highest, happiest, healthiest most successful self, To experience Joy, Abundance and Fullfillment, and in order to […]

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