Journal – Art – #10


Another new year begins !

I was searching for an image that would suit

the idea of releasing the old and welcoming the new.

So refreshing!

What better depiction is there than that of a door?

Of course the butterfly fleeing the scene

pairs nicely giving it a hint of transformation

that is always going on.

Within and externally.

But first from within.

This piece is actually relatively small compared to

an average 8×12 standard paper.

The original measures only 4×4 in.

It is just as usual one of my absolute favorites.

I think im transitioning to something else.

Now that I seem to be walking towards the brightest most

colorful direction for me, like a bug drawn in by the allure

of a lamp’s flickering candle light.

Curiousity about what could possibly be waiting

yonder the frame which i cannot see past.

For all the unknowing about what lies beyond the distance

there is absolutely no feeling other than absolute joy, excitement


Whatever it is, is something very good.

In fact I am quite enjoying the journey to where

this tunnel ends.

Chasing, and observing butterflies.

Though not depicted I imagine it all full

of hanging crysalis’s

or perhaps it is the view from the inside of one, as

a caterpiller maneuvers its way into a new world.

One where its earthbound body

has grown new with which to fly!

Something it never concieved possible until now.

The difference between the possible and the impossible is

in ones determination.

What is set before us this coming new

cycle of seasons?

Maybe even just awakening to a new day is a

fantastic oppurtunity to re-set ourselves.

Review or pioneer a innovative intention

and paste it to what time/space we

have been granted, been GIFTED.

It is no mere chance perhaps that we

are where we are right now,

considering all the many infinite ways of being

to have chosen this specific one,

that is something quite special, yes?

Whatever happens,

in-joy it!


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