Journal – Art – #9


I think i remember back to when i created this piece, the memory is a bit fuzzy.

I think it was spring time, April around which time it is

my mother’s, younger brother’s, aunt’s (who is also my godmother) and a dear friend’s birthday

all on the same day.

Very synchronistic.

I think i was planning to make her something and made this a few days earlier yet had no intention

of it being given to her at the time.

I usually like to make art which is for a specific person with the intention of that being the case from the beginning.

The energy feels different to me when i can say “Yes! I made this specifically for YOU and only you.” other than

I decided to give this piece i already made for a different reason to you.

Of course I hope anybody may connect with any of my artwork, regardless of it being “theirs”.

This one gives me the feeling of fresh, crisp, growth.

Something universal in the sense of living things of all forms.

Where all the colors glowing around it could be suggestive of the chakras,

it brings to my mind a sense of being present and mindful of what is right now,

and that I am constantly growing in all areas.

This is one of many facets it could hold, like probably everything in life

i believe is a reflection of me, what i think, so you may have a different meaning or message

brought forth to your mind.

Everything is different and perfect in it’s own unique individual uniqueness.

So many possibilities, potential and growth of awareness available.

It is amazing to witness and be blessed

to have this experience.

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