Journal – Art – #11


There is a lot of pieces that i created quite a relatively long time ago.

I want to share all of the pieces Ive made just because i feel like they all have an interesting story.

Especially the ones i could call bad or ugly, their process actually holds the richest background.

Ones i made recently are still waiting to be added to the collection I have ready to blog about right now,

Maybe I will get to them soon, or die with unrealeased work as many great artists do.

Oh I would be grateful to have them already online, the process of photographing, editing, blogging, sharing

can sometimes seem tedious, taking up time i could devote to actually pioneering ideas on paper.

Theres always lots to do, I could probably juggle an infinite amount of professions if there were infinite

versions of me.

(maybe there are??)

I want to do everything from competitive gymnastics, all kinds of circus arts, use all different kinds of mediums to create visual artforms,

than there musical instruments, i want to master them all!

Creating beautiful (and delicious) culinary art with edible materials is also high up on my list of things i love to do.

Everything looks intriguing to me.

I ask myself if I realley could juggle them all.

Is it just a happy accident that I have done alot of this certain kind of art,

or am i just looking at it that way?

This niche area of making is only one side of a point on the star that i am.

Part lf me revolts in narrowing the options based on productive creative expression.

It just feels depressing to ignore all the yearnings of my soulful inspirations.

Writing and visual art.

I have that going.

Movement a little bit too.

but i still feel the rest of me tapping its foot.

Waiting for the chance to shine!

I find more and more new skill sets to explore all the time and i

realley want to freeze time for an hours so i can indulge forever.

Maybe life is like an amusement park.

Just have as much fun as possible while I have access.

Its difficult to imagine this could be my final hour,

and once it sinks in I am happy with all that I am.

Infinite abundance is really bringing me to my knees though.

I feel so good, so blessed.

Gone too soon to another dimension.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts!



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