Journal – Art – #12

I guess I didn’t realize this maṇḍala wouldn’t make it to the place i had intended.

It was supposed to be for a friend, or at least i had her in mind when i made it.

Perhaps I can still give it to her.

Although it has been so long since it was created.

I have had it sitting in wait to be framed also.

I have had questions asked about it,

what am i going to do with it?

Maybe like a parent thinking, what will become of my child.

I want only the best for it.

My eldest brother took a particular liking to it.

He asked if he could have it.

I thought about it, even considered buying him a

framed high-quality print of it.

And than decided that I would rather

create a design specifically for him.

Now, he is getting married soon.

That would be the perfect opportunity to gift an

exquisite one of a kind art piece!

So i painted a piece for him and his betrothed.

I am waiting to give it to them on the special day.

Whatever happens to this piece,

I hope it will be well-loved.

I adore it, like all my pieces.

If you do too


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