Journal – Art – #13

Animals are one of my favorite subjects to draw and use in art.

They seem to have their own feeling, at least for me anyway.

Bright rainbow colors, as well as black and white glowing as if it is light.

This form of art, mandala are just so inspiring to me.

I can and have drawn lots of other styles and with many

mediums, but something about this style is so soothing for me.

Not just to create but also looking at them I imagine they are an

energetic portal or window into a new frame of mind or state of being.

I know the style is specifically called “healing”.

Mandala are usually circular, but I have also made and seen square ones.

There are really no rules except the ones which we make ourselves yes!?

All the art I have ever done has probably involved the spiritual aspect, I completely rely upon my

connection with spirit and the intuitive inspiration as I hold the tools to create a masterpiece the likes

of which I would never take credit for.

I believe I owe everything I am to that which is in me.

Something greater than I, in its entirety

has already completed the portfolio of all the

works I will be blessed to express through myself

as a willing channel.

All the creative ideas I will ever need and desire are

overflowing out of my ears right now.

It’s always been that way.

Unless I am in a state of disconnection,

but then I find the pull to do art is so strong because it

is my passion, stress relief.

It’s what I turn to in my darkest hours,

my emotions are unblocked through this

act of rebellion in terms of

being stuck or whatever.

Artists block doesn’t exist for me.

Only indecision sometimes I will admit.

If the ideas are infinite, perhaps I will not be able to give life to

them all before I kick off into a new place.

At least I will make some of them while I can.

And, in the moment of decision,

at least, I reason, I will make one.

Today. Right now.

What have I got to wait on.

This day may just be my last chance

and this may be my last painting.

Though I hope not.

Many great people I look up to have left their work far from finished.

I can clearly understand why now.

With all the many things to do,

our dreams can and do outlive us.

I would love all that I do to live on and spread joy

around forever.


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