Journal – Art – #14


Valentine’s day

was this week and I had a wonderful day.

I began it thinking perhaps it wouldn’t feel much different than

any other weekday, well i found that I was greeted

with a soothing feeling through out the whole day.

Like a rose colored hue had been placed over the world.

I really felt inspired to share this feeling with everyone.

There is so much chatter about love it could quite easily be taken for granted.

Which is why i now beleive valentines day to be a great holiday.

To remind us all of what is right in front of us.

All around us.

Is us.

Its like i gave myself a hug remembered who i truly am.

Valentines day can be everyday.

I want to make a point to spread love

the way I felt inspired to this week

I don’t to be afraid of love,

because I dont fully understand it.

It is a growing living being.

All of us together.

Perhaps I dont need to understand

everything to appreciate, love and be kind

to it.

It is all a part of me.

I love my whole self.




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