Journal – Art – #16

In case you may not have noticed yet,

I really enjoy contemplating metaphysical concepts

and ideas.

I was raised from birth in a spiritual teaching of Universal Laws

and Unity in general.

I resonate with it so much.

I feel so incomparably joyous

in the path I have chosen for myself so far

and I feel so grateful to be have always

known that my life experience is created by my

chosen thoughts or my “mental diet”.

There is alot going on all around and within me.

Creating mandalas are a favorite way to express

for me.

I was introduced to the particular style by

my mother Deanna Bordelon of Purple Lotus Creations

who is definitely one of my absolutely biggest inspirations

and closet friends.

I dedicate alot to her

for all that I am today

was cultivated in my upbringing

by her.

Invaluble information was always reminded to me when I was very young

and even n0w.

To keep each other on track if we seem to lose our way

in this glorious “art studio” of life.

Maybe I was born into the perfect life for me.

Or perhaps I just fell in love with it out of adaptation.

I care more about enjoying the most of my time being alive than

anything else though.

I truly believe I am living my ever expanding creative dream.

As an artist or whatever title can be matched to what

I love most.

I am not seeking to fit the mold,

I am just being true to myself and doing what I love

if it happens to be called art, call me an artist!

A rose by any other name is still a rose.

This particular piece was inspired by the

“ask and it is given” idea;

along with the story of aladdin

and the magic lamp containing

wishing-granting genie.

To me the lamp appears to resemble and remind

me of the elephant headed representation of  the hindu

god in charge of removing obstacles and/or keeping the path clear and smooth.

Often discussed in the spiritual community I am familiar with

is the desire for ease and grace in our experiences.

Life is so interesting….

I want to remember what who I am

embrace my brightness

and accept the infinite power

I am a part of and have the priviledge

to direct.

As I rub the lamp and

request something, knowing the path is


That’s sounds good to me.



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