Journal – Art – #17



This is one of the earliest mandala’s of mine.

It is a part of a black sketchbook full of just mandalas

and these were the first I ever made.

I like looking back at my early works and seeing the

progress ive made both internally as well as externally.

My life is nothing like it used to be, and still yet

I am the same person.

I just don’t feel like the same person who created this


That is one of the reasons I feel each piece is so unique and special

regardless of what it looks like,

“What was I feeling/thinking when I made this?”

Often, since I am the artist, I am transported to a

different time and place of being from

where I am now to where I was then.

I feel quite starling

the contrast is so great,

It could become one of my most favorite things

to do.

Transformation of the self is so interesting to me.

Who knows where I will be years from now,

thinking and feeling currently like this

is never going to change

I know that it surely will though.

I could be afraid, but I prefer to focus on and hold only

positive expectations, as these seem more

condusive to my success, although

any apparent failure have created more strength and

clear perspectives than anything else.

I embrace it all.

I intend to make something constructive out of everything

I experience.

Perhaps I wish occasionally to be more extraordinary than

I think I am,

and than often feel like I have no one to relate to in some senses.

Its all good.

Everything can be good if I am willing to accept it and

stop trying to change it to what is familiar

because the unknown can feel uncomfortable and threatening.

There is an abundance of infinite potential blessings

everywhere I look.

I am practicing noticing them more and more…

The roller coaster ride of life can be dynamic, unpredictable

and even a little bit frightening at first.

On further inspection it is also the most beautiful thing ever!

I appreciate it all.



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