Journal – Art – #18


When I manifested this piece I was about 19 years old.

I know at the time I was in the midst of testing out a fruitarian lifestyle,

and of course fruit was on my mind.

The first time I was it it, I also fell in love with Kirlian Photography

where the light is projected the subject being photographed, usually plants.

It was so amazing to me, it must have had an impression on my mind cause I think about that often.

The illumination is fascinating to me.

I wanted to capture that in my work.

I am going to be honest about my obsession with color and light,

the way it contrasts with darkness.

It feels like my enthusiasm for art merges into a kind of scientific

state of mind.

I do love science as well.

Often times i feel like labels don’t really fit me entirely,

just suggest a piece of the way that I act or something I like.

What I am and like is always growing and changing though,

so I surrendered to not feeling like I fit in a long time ago.

I want to share what I am even if I don’t really know what

is going on.

I get a sense of the imposter syndrome sometimes from the thought

that I have to know what I’m doing.

Maybe I am oblivious to something that is obvious to everyone else.

I guess I value honesty enough to say what is true.

I really don’t know what is going to happen with all this.

It feels a little reckless, like a shot in the dark at a random target.

It’s fun though, I know pieces of the story that pulls me to action.

Here is what I have been doing.

I drew it with what you call Prismacolored pencils on thick creamy black cardstock.

Whatever you see is neither correct or incorrect as I realley have no name for it.

I go into a kind of trance while i’m working until I feel done.

My mind is not thinking too much.

It’s very meditative.









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