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Journal – Art – #16

In case you may not have noticed yet, I really enjoy contemplating metaphysical concepts and ideas. I was raised from birth in a spiritual teaching of Universal Laws and Unity in general. I resonate with it so much. I feel so incomparably joyous in the path I have chosen for myself so far and I […]

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Journal – Art – #15

  Ahhh… All the colors! I LOVE ALL THE COLORS! If asked what my favorite color is I will say “all of them”. It’s true. Rainbow is my favorite. Any variation and hue is a stimulation of imagination to me. I see so many things in my life associated with a particular shade. Other than […]

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Journal – Art – #14

  Valentine’s day was this week and I had a wonderful day. I began it thinking perhaps it wouldn’t feel much different than any other weekday, well i found that I was greeted with a soothing feeling through out the whole day. Like a rose colored hue had been placed over the world. I really […]

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