Journal – Art – #4

Its starting to get the holiday feeling in the air right now with the national holiday of Thanksgiving

about 2 weeks from now.

I look at this picture and feel quite festive in my heart.

Iam grateful for all the wonderful experiences I am blessed with in the past, right now, and I expect in the years to come.

The process of me, who i am and who I am becoming is a dynamic process, the world around and within me appears to constantly be in a state of change.

Through it all the intention of looking for the silver lining of good things to appreciate is always static.

This mandala is one of my earlier ones and I believe it was created around a time filled with festivity.

I love looking back at an earlier work and feeling the place I was in at that moment

rush back to my mind.

That really is quite an amazing thing!

Its like the picture has a life of it’s own, storing memories, energy and emotions.

I wonder if it’s at all similar for someone other than me who has no relationship to it.

And if so, what are they feeling?

What ideas come to mind for them, if any.

Ive heard that the mind thinks in pictures and so I had the thought recently that perhaps the images I create can used as a sort of focus point for thoughts.

Of course any image could be used, but this is my focus at least while creating the image for the few hours or more that I devote to giving this piece life,

I consider it a form of meditation and each one is very precious to me.

It is part of me, it contains a piece of my life.

Valuble time and the innermost workings of my mind, heart and soul.

I believe all things in life to the extent that I am aware are a reflection of my thoughts, and conciousness.

Whatever is in me I can find different places and points in life to relate to and think “they are the way they are”

but perhaps they are not the way they are.

I think they are the way I think they are and everything I think is just a reflection of me.

So if that’s the case, the world is like a mirror which I see myself in everywhere.

When I am appreciating it, I am grateful for something about myself.

And if I am complaining, there is not something wrong with the world but with my mindset

and I have found a thing to pick at which I don’t like about myself.

There is so much here, I find myself lost in it,

or perhaps that’s just my chosen way of seeing it.

I don’t have to get lost, maybe I admit I want to.

It’s the getting lost in the moment of what I am doing, where I seem to find myself most clearly.

See who I am and what I want my world to be.


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