Journal – Art – #5

 Sometimes I feel a paradoxical swirl of emotion.

I am focused on being clear about what it is I realley want for my life as a career and it is to be a full-time artist!

To be able to make art freely 8 hrs a day, putting the precious time I am blessed with here on planet earth, into something I

feel passionate about.

Creative Expression!

I am enthralled with the idea of pioneering in the world my own unique ideas on paper.

Who else can bring them to life but me?

I haven’t always valued my art, or seen it as something maybe I could make a career out of.

That being beside the point of if I was supported financially or not by my art, i would still be doing it.

I admit, I can be a happy little hermit in my cave full of art supplies,

Eat, Sleep, Art.

That’s my life!

So what if my art is something that can inspire others?

Maybe I can share it with the world regardless of wether they like it or not.

Wouldn’t know if I didn’t at least try to share it.

Sure, I don’t know what others really think about my art.

Only what they tell me.

Doesn’t matter much when the feeling of joy is so strong just to be ‘making something’

I know it is a habit to pick up a paintbrush or pencil.

I have programmed myself to do that since birth.

Okay, I have my wonderful mother to thank for lighting my first creative fires.

Maybe not every child grows up surrounded by art, music and encouragement to explore what it is that they really love doing.

Only one person could ever have had my same exact experience and thats me!

I feel so grateful to be who I am, no matter what is going on in my life’s journey

I can lean on and into the eternal power of loving who I am,

expressing that in the form of art is so delightful to me!

I want to share the experience, ideas and feelings

with the world.

Even if i am recieved in other ways than I intend,

the point is I shared this.

That is my gift,

offering what I love and enjoy most .

Perhaps the world is changed now, even id there is no point to the change

other than what was not, now is.



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Deanna - December 20, 2017

I love your work and I love your writing Kendra. So inspiring on so many levels.

    Kendra - December 21, 2017

    Thank you so much Mom! I believe alot of it was inspired from you. <3


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