Journal – Art – #6


This picture is one of my personal favorites and as a person I don’t really like to choose favorites

but there are alot of ideas that spring to my mind looking at the depiction of whatever i was feeling at the time of it’s creation.

It appears to have the symbol of an elephant.

Such a strong, magnificent creature I regard with high respect and adoration.

A matriarchal society.

The eastern indian aspect of God, Ganesh.

The remover of obstacles.

I have loved eastern culture since childhood.

living abroad I have many dear friends who are from india.

The obstacles I have wondered about.

Sure physical ones come to mind, as if i am running a race and a tree has fallen on my path.

Could it please not be there if so?

I do not wish to see or know what the obstacles are before they are in my path.

Just keep the way clear for me please, Thank you!

There are also non-physical obstacles.

(I do like obstacle courses though. They can be fun!)

These probably account for most of what even appears as physical things.

Limiting beliefs, fear, resistance and not allowing myself to truly be free.

To these things, I have a white knuckle fisted grip sometimes.

I do not always know they are holding me back.

I am afraid to let go perhaps.

My old subconcious blueprint that has been built

chemically addicted to familiar patterns seems to fully support my ego in hoodwinking

my concious mind that “I need these things!”

No, i dont.

When I am in a relaxed, meditative state.

My natural tendency is to let go.

And i find I can only hold on for so long.

To that which does not serve me,

that which isn’t in harmony with who and what I REALLY am and want in this life.

It seems I cannot stop the good from coming for long.

So my aim is to practice taking less and less time before I let go completely.

Although it may seem utopiac.

Ideally I think, “Why hold on at all?”

What even try to make things happen?

But I have learned so much from all experiences especially the ones that

are the most challenging for me.

Letting go and completely and fully trusting the universe can be a challenge sometimes.

If i am in a feeling of fearfulness.

Yes, I want something better, im working on it.

From the outskirts or birds eye view of the swamp the way can seem obvious.

Yet in stuck the middle of nowhere, it is here where my faith’s hour of need arrives.

Will I sink or swim.

Now is the chance.

To REALLY believe.

And Ironically, it always turns out alright.

Despite all that worry.

This is what I want to remember.

Theres always a solution.

Theres nothing god cannot solve.

Everything can always change

and I can always

get back home.


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