Journal – Art – #7

Seasonal motions are at their peak right now it seems.

There is a twofold feeling of loneliness as well as the exuberant “Kid on Christmas” excitement.

I have always been fascinated as a child in this time of year, so much wonder and possibility…

I would often wonder what is real, and or if I imagined the most wonderful almost paranormal experiences i’ve encountered

because of the power in my belief that ‘yes indeed I believe this is true.’

The quote really sums it up well that,

 Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso

I do believe we create our reality or choose our individual perception of reality with what we

repeatedly, habitually practice.

I have grown fond of the practice of observing the world silently within and around me,

considering if this thought or belief or reaction to what “I think” is, is really contributing to

greater  love, joy, peace and life in my experience.

I may be an unique individual expression of one big universal conciousness,

and I have felt more and more that learning to love and appreciate myself has in turn

helped me understand more clearly what i can do to help the other parts of me that I co-exist with as this individual expression.

Who I am is ineffably good, I do not want to cause harm or pain to anything intentionally.

I desire to feel good and others to feel good as well.

I am working on letting go of thoughts that are not aligned with who I really am,

by choosing different more appropriate ones in relation to what I really feel I want to express as and experience.

This seems to be a journey, quite interestingly, I find my way through it without exception.

It is as I let it be, sometimes I have discovered I am very hard on myself.

Making the experience so wearisome, tiring and much more difficult than it has to be!

Than i remember, “It doesn’t HAVE to be difficult! It doesn’t HAVE to be ANYTHING!

Things are not simply ‘the way they are’ they are the way ‘I think’ they are.

Perhaps the reason some have a good time and others choose to have a bad time doing the same thing,

whatever variable they are engaged in and focused on in life, for example the holidays

is because they CHOOSE to look at it differently than the other.

And I am flipping over all the coins face up now.

If there is one thing I want to remember it is that we can all win.

Sure, you can opt-out of this belief but it is one I treasure.

There  is no lack or shortcoming of goodness, in its infinite variation of forms.

I want to notice that good, in everything and everyone because I believe it is the foundation of alignment

with truth, who I really am and all that I REALLY desire.

I am love, which to me is infinite goodness.

If we are all connected as one, than so are you.

Everything is GOoD!




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Dave Edwards - December 15, 2017

Kendra … I am so impressed with your blogs and you Mandalas with the connecting stories … this is simply “Fan-Fun-Tastic”

I am sure there are so many other folks that are also in a quandry such as you find your self swirling around in.

I love the way you can entertain this decision making process of choosing the Higher or Lower energy exchanges that are available in almost every given situation.

And the sign post for mastery of ones own mind and nurturing your future self is learning to recognize as you mentioned the shortening of the time when we decide to replace a low energy feeling with a higher one.

In the meantime we humans as we continue to grow through our various stages need to sort of try on different clothes … or ways of being a human … being … being human.

I can remember when I was in the Navy … I noticed many of us swore alot and it became a way of life … maybe in the beginning it was the shock value or the commaraderie and unifying factor for the group.

But now I cringe when I think of the things or curse words we used without thinking.

SO I tried on tha way of being and realized it is not the energy feild that I wish to promote.

I like to think that the real shock value today is more in line with not cursing and in showing love and compassion and working on bringing those attributes to the forground for future cooperative projects.

So it is good perhps trying on these different waqys of being as we do feel within if it really fits the blueprint of helping or hindering our social re-awakening to our higher choices as we unite against seperation … United We Stand ….

So the sooner we choose the high road … and more often … we can all help each other move up together in a goOd way as the tide rolls in.

So once we can choose to dance with the higher energies of good and abundance for all … then we have more time to to devote to our art projects that help spiral humanty upward spiritually.

For some say that one of the biggest problems we have today is that our technical selves and abilities have grown much faster than our spiritual selves.

The world needs as many awakened angels as we can get these daze.

And you Kendra are an Earth Angel of the Highest Order in my book.

You and your family and the times we shared have changed my life in a good way.

I made up my mind to “Help Folks Become The Next Grandest Version of the Greatest vision that they ever once held of themselves”

And I invite you to share my Mission Statement of which you are already doing with your candid sharing on your blogs … maybe without even fully seeing it yourself.

I never got to tell you … but some of the things you taught me while listening to you share some of your stories have sort of changed my life … or should I say … gave validation to my life in choosing to recognize to always look for the better choices … which are easy to recognize … as we realize that they are the ones that nurture Life and positive beneficial creations.

Thanks for choosing to be you … Kendra.

I am sure your Mom … and our Creators are all hoppen happy that you are choosing to move toward the light and use your GOoD talents to help nurture nature.

There is only one Kendra in this world although we need many more … we need this one to be present … such as you yourself claimed …

YES … We all must learn to recognize … how and why we need to live in the “NOW” –

…They say that Living in the NOW is also where our best healing comes from.

Bongo Dave –
Good Happens / Love Shall Prevail

    Kendra - December 15, 2017

    Ah! I see you found the art blogs. Yay! I don’t think ive ever believed in accidents thanks to my rearing, and if I could choose any possible varying cimcumstances and present life situation I am telling you now I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Right now anyways. Who I am is dynamic anyways, but i believe I can only help others if i first help myself. Thanks for being such an amazing “kendrid” spirit-friend in my life!


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