Journal – Art – #15



All the colors!


If asked what my favorite color is

I will say “all of them”.

It’s true.

Rainbow is my favorite.

Any variation and hue is a

stimulation of imagination to me.

I see so many things in my life associated with a particular


Other than all the colors, I also adore the

black, combined power of all the colors and

white, the absence of all colors.

So much potential rests in each!

Of course I have created on canvases/backgrounds

of all colors,

yet i seem to have a particular fondness

or i am drawn to the deep darkness of black

on which I love to contrast with the white glowing

light filled illusion.

Add on the rainbow of bright colors and

I am


Nothing quite feels as soothing as colors and

melodious sounds.

My body, mind and soul are attached to many things

with habitual patterns and addictive brain chemicals

created naturally, without exception to re-confirm

the identity of my-self.

I crave the familiar, that which I think I know well.

Art, maybe just happened to be my first foundation

of expression and identity, at this point in my life.

It seems more a part of me, or I a part of it

than anything else in the whole world.

Everything in the world is a mirror that reflects

what I associate with and claim as mine.

I am a prisoner of my creative processes,

with no hope or desire to escape.

A willing captive and channel of the infinite


Which breathes, creates and does everything I

could be appreciated for.

I feel that credit due more to the true artist

than the channel from which the ideas


I can see the real master in everything it has created.

God is my favorite artist!


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