Journal – Art – #1


I love art!

Art is like the word i apply to everything in my life, including life itself.

I realley resonate with the idea of my life being another medium of which only I have the power to

make it what I envision it, desire it to be in my mind.

This is what I do when to create anything else creatively, why wouldn’t the same procedure

work with creating my life the way I desire to to be?

(Living my dreams/passion? Yes! Please.)

So this is an idea that excites me about life, it wakes me up as early in the morning

and tempts me to stay up late at night

going with the same passion and enthusiam


24/7, 365

That’s me, living my masterpieces.

Life is a work of art!

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, this day, this moment, right now

to daydream about what to create.

Of course that’s only half the fun,

the real joy comes in actually doing it.

Making the dream come alive I get the feeling that I am a Sorcerer of sorts,

If magic is making something out of nothing, without explanation or understanding of “How” it’s done,

than magic is indeed real because I usually have no clue how I have come to create anything I have

had the great honor of bringing to life, I don’t even know what it is going to look like in the end.

Ive long since surrendered the process in the trust that it will be perfect if I realease all judgements, criticism and just let it flow freely.

Ideas must have a mind of their own, and could be shy sometimes.

I see myself not as the artist, but as the pencil

through which the real artist, God

is using me to make these wonderful things.

It is all the same energy that I am made of that is making more and different

works of art a reality through me and my being open and receptive to it.

With a ready and willingness to do the work

I am being instructed and guided, I am grateful to accept this job

feeling like im hired to do and be exactly who and what I love to be most.




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