Journal – Art – #2

This is one of the first Mandala’s I ever created.

It was made in a book of black sketch paper during a particularly difficult time in my life,

I think I was age 11 or 12.

At the time I was currently living in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa overseas from the country of my birth, the USA,

I was also homeschooled up until this point so going to live in a completely different environment was both exhilarating and terrifying, I was raised in a New Thought environment

taught that life is perceptionally based and my choice of thoughts,


emotions attached to experience create my unique outlook of reality so I choose the positive end of the spectrum most of the time,

Life can be an adventure if you allow it to be!

This could be viewed as an oppurtunity, one that alot of american children do not get.

To live in Africa!?


Will I see lions and zebra in my backyard? i wondered.

While i did end up being blessed to see plenty of both these creatures up close in their natural environment,

it was not in my backyard in lagos which was mostly a city with dirt roads and people everywhere!

People walked in the streets and traffic was incredible slow in comparison to the rush of the commuters back in the US,

It taught me patience, to trust and have faith in my source, God that I would be okay and make it to the grocery store and back safely.

I was told it could be dangerous. People have been taken ransom and I saw the Presidential canditates being chased down in a mad chase by a jeep full of armed men,

right in front of me on the way to school which I tried out for the first time because there was not the same options available to us as homeschoolers that we knew of.

It was a great learning time.

I loved all the extra curricular activities and seeing all the diverse cultures come together in one placed, to be accepted for their different customs, ways of being and living.

I have friends from all over the world and I am so grateful to have had this glorious gift.


Now back to the art,

the style is classified as a healing mandala,

an ancient artform found throughout history and inspired often by the sacred geometrical patterns in nature.

I like to meditate for bit before I begin creating a piece, asking for a specific intention or focul point which the art will be centered on.

It realley is like a meditation practice in itself.

Each piece is unique and displays for all the world to see the inner most depths of my conciousness, they are windows into my soul and heart.

I do not name them or make comments, judgements on them as i believe in letting whoever sees them develop their own connection.

Yes! They each are charged with their own special energy, a being or lifeforce all their own i guess.

I feel like a adoring mother, admiring the beauty of my children and also my Source, that which created me.

Through my art I have a deeper appreciation for the forces that manifest worlds in, around and through me.

I give all the credit to that which I came,

I do not even think about the image I want to create.

I am just the pencil.

The tool through which the divine enery flows through and paints a portrait

of the non-physical.


This is what i feel and believe,

I am ensnared in this intoxicating feeling of creation.

Since the beginning of my life and time as a human being

on planet earth, there has been many ideas I have pondered in depth.

Feelings I wonder if others ever feel or are they all unique to me?

The art I create is a slight attempt at relying the happenings that are within me,

as I am more than I seem to be externally and perhaps if we are connected there

can be a spark of sorts from my awareness to yours.


There is only one me and if i dont make the visions I am given come alive than

what if they are lost forever in the abyss of infinity, space and time.

I dont think I could bear to think that they dont matter, If no one else ever loves them, I do.

I cannot explain in words, it is ineffable the bond between an artist and their art.

The experiences wrapped into the material from which they are fashioned could be looked upon as trash or treasure.

To me they are invaluble, priceless.

Similar the elements of the universe are used to make a human body and a piece of paper perhaps,

the lifeforce is the same.


I prefer to think this paper has conciousness, once a tree perhaps and now a new form expressing.

The energy that made me made the art and I am just the pencil.


This is God’s work!

I feel it is my mission to give it life,

and possibly inspire something within others,

all who meet are meant to meet with it and whatever you see in it is the truth of you.

It is a cosmic mirror, a work of art staring at a work of art.

The masterpiece is in you and me and it is both of us who are

the artists and the art, and the art is in us.



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Maura - November 7, 2017

Thanks for sharing this. Your emotions are felt to the pencil you become, to the piece you create. Your story of uprooting to Africa helped me see the vision and why of your Mandala.
I also had an aha moment with your explanation of the meaning of the art to the artist. I wil now look and feel art in a different way,
Thanks for sharing.

    Kendra - November 7, 2017

    Ah, Thank you so much Maura!
    I am so grateful to be sharing my experience of life from my point of view, after all if I don’t share it with the world while I am here, who will?
    Who else even can?


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