Journal – Art – #8






These words spring into my mind and heart.

I used this image as the first test for printing to see what it would be like, if i would like it etc.

I used’s POD (Print-on-demand) service.

I ordered my Grandfather two mugs and a t-shirt and

was delighted to find I could have it sent to his door which unfortunately is not very near

to where I live.

It was also going to be a suprise that my family and I were flying to visit in time for his

birthday was the reason for gifts I was sending.

Not that I need a reason to send presents!

I remember the look of utter shock and astonishment on his face as he answered the doorbell

finding his family from out-of-state requesting shelter.

Of course he was happy to host us (I think),

His gifts came just in time and I was thrilled at the quality of them.

The t-shirt needed to be washed as it had a faint odor from the screen printing process.

Once washed my grandpa (who is also my godfather) donned it for a night out with the family.

I was so happy.

The mugs were great too!

I decided I wanted to add my signature in the bottom corner as it just didnt feel complete without it.

I was very grateful to see my art work being shared and enjoyed by more than the few friends who

know about it and happen to see it when they visit every so often.

Now I give it to everyone and see it walking around all over the world

On whatever anyone prefers it be.



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