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My Master Key Experience 

MKE #3 – Week 24 – Self-Awareness
Congratulations! This marks completion of the 6-month program in the Masterkey Experience by Training Solutions. I have experienced so much[...]
MKE #3 – Week 23 – Tapering off
As the end of a certain experience is imminent I feel peptides activating in the absence of absolute certainty. Is[...]
Journal – Art – #18
  When I manifested this piece I was about 19 years old. I know at the time I was in[...]
MKE #3 – Week 22 – Momentum
I love listening to the waves crashing within as well as without me There seems to be alot of energy[...]
MKE #3 – Week 21 – Equal
Equal. What is it to be equal? I am the same in value and importance as everything else in the[...]
MKE #3 – Week 20 – Acceleration of Demonstrations
It seems there is no saving life for later. I can feel it melting away slowly like a candle's wax.[...]
MKE #3 – Week 19 – Business
What does it mean to be busy? Is it filling my life with a constant flow of activity, having lots[...]
MKE #3 – Week 18 – Crystal Clarity
What am I being pulled to do right now? I like to ask myself this question. I often find myself[...]