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MKE #3 – Week 17 – Recognizing Greatness

This week has been filled to the brim overflowing with things i am starting to realize are showing up as oppurtunities because I am asking for them and most importantly saying “Yes!” When they are presented. I can feel the natural leaning nature of my previous and most times outdated subconcious version of what is […]

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MKE #3 – Week 16 – Oxymorons

There is an interesting feeling I want to ponder. The feelings of strong duality on upon a certain idea. Knowing ‘the law of dual thought’ is being aware that I am choosing whatever feeling I want to associate with this experience, present moment, idea. It’s all there. Everyday is new. New situations. New choices. What […]

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MKE #3 – Week 15 – Permission to live

Why is it I think I must DIE before I give myself permission to LIVE? From the beginning of the day. Before I have decided to announce my wakingness to the world. I am listening. For that which feels in alignment with what I love most. The life I love living. If I prepare myself […]

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MKE #3 – Week 14 – Submerged

I could see the old patterns above me as the holiday frenzy begins I want to maintain my balance. I felt many newer ideas slipping away too far away to hear now. And the previous mindframe taking over. Making so much noise. I got lost for awhile. Still holding firmly to what i could remember […]

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