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MKE #3 – Week 16 – Oxymorons

There is an interesting feeling I want to ponder. The feelings of strong duality on upon a certain idea. Knowing ‘the law of dual thought’ is being aware that I am choosing whatever feeling I want to associate with this experience, present moment, idea. It’s all there. Everyday is new. New situations. New choices. What […]

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MKE #3 – Week 15 – Permission to live

Why is it I think I must DIE before I give myself permission to LIVE? From the beginning of the day. Before I have decided to announce my wakingness to the world. I am listening. For that which feels in alignment with what I love most. The life I love living. If I prepare myself […]

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MKE #3 – Week 14 – Submerged

I could see the old patterns above me as the holiday frenzy begins I want to maintain my balance. I felt many newer ideas slipping away too far away to hear now. And the previous mindframe taking over. Making so much noise. I got lost for awhile. Still holding firmly to what i could remember […]

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MKE #3 – Week 12 – Infinite potential

Boredom. It can be a comman theme for adolescent youth. “Im Bored, theres nothing to do.” Or so you may say. Is boredom real? Doesn’t seem to be in my world. There is always an abundance of things to do that are calling my name. The jey for me is prioritizing and scheduling all the […]

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