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MKE #3 – Week 12 – Infinite potential

Boredom. It can be a comman theme for adolescent youth. “Im Bored, theres nothing to do.” Or so you may say. Is boredom real? Doesn’t seem to be in my world. There is always an abundance of things to do that are calling my name. The jey for me is prioritizing and scheduling all the […]

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MKE #3 – Week 10 – To sink or to swim?

Theres alot of ideas swirling around in heart and mind I want them to be, yet I feel subby saying “I don’t know about this yet” It is unfamiliar, a new adventure and  where there could be hesitation my inspiration is from the masterkey mastermind member Vicki Eide Ive heard so much about. There could […]

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MKE #3 – Week 9 – Observing

Sometimes the times get full theres lots to do so many options and different activities floating around. It can feel like a roller coaster. What do I focus on right now? Is there a way to be part of it all and appreciate it all at once? I’m not sure. That’s not something I’m sure […]

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