MKE #1 – Week 1


MKMMA – The Master Key MasterMind Alliance

This Is a New Begining and a New oppurtunity

for Something I am not totally aware of yet.

Although it is my desire to constantly Learn and Grow,

To become my highest, happiest, healthiest most successful self,

To experience Joy, Abundance and Fullfillment,

and in order to help the world reach its Truest Heavenly Potential.

I vied for the application scholarship and found that I felt completely

NERVOUS upon receiving it!


I don’t quite know why, Perhaps I had more fears and resistance to success than I realized.

Ive heard it said ” Our Greatest Fear Is Not that we are inadequate, Our greatest fear is that we are

Powerful Beyond Measure.”

Never the less I have felt such persistent procrastination.

Almost as the MKMMA was not in my best interest to help me succeed but I know that is a complete LIE!

The thoughts in my head are usually always positive and expansive, so at this stanch reaction it hit me like a on of bricks.

I found myself literally having to force myself to do everything from assembling my binder (the printer ran out of ink…)

to reading the scrolls, (mail order books were delayed and had kindle version..)

My schedule was already full and I had to rearrange everything to make the MKMMA a priority.

But I Did It!


I was told once by a friend that if you don’t get resistance,

opposition or anger,

you are on your full path to enlightment or success.

Because they said ,”the path to success is fraught with danger and ensnarements,

people trying to trip you up and steer you off course.

This is the true test of Courage it seems,

for it takes courage to go after our dreams and

even more to finish them.

I am a Winner and I will finish what I came here to do.

If it takes me 200 years to perfect it, I must stay FAITHfull and Strong!

For Only I know what Dreams Are Seeking to emerge from within my heart.

Like a little child looking forward to the adventures of tomorrow, the coming weeks and forever after,

I Am Excied to see what my heart has Planned next!

for I know it will lead me where I must go,

If I will be BRAVE Enough to follow it.

Just remember……. ( to myself)

Love is enough,

I Am Enough,

I Am Successful and

I Can and Will Do This!

And So Can You!

I Love You,

Thank-You ❤️



Diandra - May 17, 2017

This got me thinking. Is there like an Angry Army Steam group out there? Not just a group of fans, but people that actually want to play the game together? And this doesn’t have to be strictly TF2 either, I’d imagine alot of people would be looking for others for some proper teamolay…Alsp, good stuff there Phill

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