MKE #2 – Week 10


Magnificent Giant Scaly Fire-breathing Beasts.

So many things to wonder about,

did i mention they have wings and can fly?

Are they our enemy, evil, destructive, sure to be feared, fought, battled, killed, destroyed and slain?

Or maybe ignored, tolerated with courage, allowed to exist as a contrast to the good in life, and the opposite of what to welcome.

BEWARE the dragons…

They could drag you away to their lair, imprison you, captivate the beautiful things that they admire, desire, yet do not understand.

or perhaps i misunderstand them?

Do i know everything about dragons, do i even dare or am i afraid of something i do not understand.

Will i not accept a positive association with this idea?

Does it offer me an excuse to deny my responsibility in this matter

something to blame and fault find so i can remain the same.

“I was almost to the top if it wasnt for that darn dragon i would have made it!”

Why is it so horrible to just have tripped over your own foot, instead of blaming the stones, the dirt, the grass

the world for your unforeseen sojourn.

It is in your control either yet you belittle yourself for a seeming failure?

Laugh and Forgive your ego.

Forgive Your Dragons

Forgive yourself for not Loving your Dragons.

They never had anything to do with you.

They are not yours either

and yet you claim them.

MY dragons.

Try to possess them and pronounce they are trying to possess you!

Let them go, Set you both free, set us all free, Set the World Free!

they likely are oblivious to your

self-inflicted suffering in the mental torment of terror

you star the likes of them as ‘ the dragons ‘ in.

if i see all things as a mirror reflecting my innermost thoughts,

maybe the dragons are only ugly to the one with ugly thoughts

and majestic to the one whose mind allows them oppurtunity to try and see these entities in new awareness.

What is there to fear? Truly how can i ever be harmed by an external force if the outer world i experience is but a reflection of my inner world.

Perhaps it is my thoughts which give the illusion of peril, attack could be a perception…

I imagine an apple being tossed in my direction, an infinite variety of seeming realities could exist depending on how i view the world

one could believe they are under attack that the apple is being thrown at them with intentions to harm.

Another could believe that the world is a wonderful place and see the apple being given to them as a blessing to receive

each len’s color could change the observation and reality of what is realley happening.

If the truth is Subjective,

could i be misunderstanding myself, my  own thoughts and intentions?

Attempting to avoid, slay and eliminate that which could possibly be of benefit to me, be a part of me

am i misinterpreting my truth?

Based on the way i choose to see the world everything could be beautiful or ugly.

So back to the dragons.

Are they to be hated, despised and ostrisized simply for being who they are.

Perhaps there are no enemies, just misunderstandings.

If one or both parties are willing to realley understand eachother

If we can accept each other, acknowledge the possibility that there is not a definitive truth,

the truth that can change from one individual to another

not because they are ignorant but because they are different.

So Can we Love them anyways?

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Can we look at our dragons dead in the eyes and notice the enchanting sparkles,

the fact that this thing and i are of the same fabric, all is a part of me.

“I Am Lovable because I exist.” – Louise Hay

Dragons exist.

So arent they Lovable?

The idea is valid and so can be loved.

Can You Call your dragons beautiful?

Can you allow them to change within your eyes.

Can you Watch the feelings, fear of the unknown, resistance and condemnation vanish

as the scaly ferocious lizard You, yourself had to embody in order to notice such a vicious creature and see hateful things not within it, but within you.

There is hope for a dragon, because it is just another of Natures exquisitely designed masterpieces.

Deserving of just as much as Love, Appreciation and Respect as You.

And it is you.

The Dragons Were always just you.

MasterKeyNatalieZ - December 29, 2016

Wow, wow, WOW!Thank you Kendra – exactly what I have been working on myself – you express beautifully – keep shining beautifully – my beautiful dragons and monsters inside myself are challenges that help me be better. 🙂

    Kendra - January 3, 2017

    Im so delighted to hear this. Thank you So much Natalie!

Brenda Buck - December 5, 2016

Awesome Post!

    Kendra - December 9, 2016

    Thanks Love! <3

Catherine BODARWE - November 28, 2016

Great post ! I enjoyed reading

    Kendra - December 4, 2016

    Thank you so much Catherine! Im so grateful to hear that.

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