MKE – #2 – Week 11

“Dear Lord,

Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace.

Where there is Hatred Let me bring your Love.

Where there is Injury, Pardon and Forgiveness.

Where there is Doubting, let me bring your Faith.

Lord Make me an Instrument of your Peace.

Where there is Despair, Let me bring Hope.

Where there is Darkness, let me bring your Light

Where there is Sadness, let me be your Joy!

Oh Divine Master Grant that i might see,

Not so much to be Consoled, as to Console.

Not so much To be Understood as to Understand.

Not So much to be Loved as to to Love another.

For it is in Giving that we now Receive,

And it is in Pardoning that we are now Pardoned.

And it is in Dying that We Are Now Born Again!

Lord Make me an Instrument of your Peace

Where there is Hatred Let me be your Love.”

– Peace Prayer, Saint Francis of Assisi

Through out my life i have thought of this prayer and these words quite often.

My Mother had an audio tape to music that had these words being sung so beautifully,

i could not help but memorize them before i even knew how to read.

I seems obvious that i favor musical learning due to the way i have always been able to play my musical instrument,

finding it much easier to memorize pieces by hearing and picking up the melody in my mind, playing by ear instead of by sight.

This is how i learned by heart, most of my pieces and musical composition from the start.

I find it interesting that i am now making the connection with this same process as it applies to my life,

fulfilling my greater, desires and being guided by my intuition along the hero’s journey.

Asking my ego what i want, it says things like Safety, being rich, with alot of things to make ME feel secure, gratified, loved and important.

That is all nice but there is another part of me that remembers how temporary all of that is,

this deeper sense of who i am, call it my higher self, true self, future self or just Universal Mind or God in general,

seems to have a different idea of my purpose.

This version has nothing to do with the selfishness of my ego,

but is a softer, kinder and more gentle voice which speaks of only wanting to make a difference and care for OTHERS.

This, i feel is my TRUE purpose,

To this i feel a much stronger pull,

a sense so much more powerful than anything than addiction to negitive habits,

whining voice of my ego,

fear of failure, rejection, ridicule or pain.

This Call to action,

is something that humbles me.

Hushes and Calms the cries of the infant within me

that does not understand

and replaces it with a deep faith and trust,

that something is guiding me beyond what i can fathom.

Something that is has never let me go up to now.

I think that should say something.

If nobody cared, why am i still here?

If i had no purpose here, would i be here?


With all of the many possible ways life could go

what curious encirclement have i been placed in and protected by

all these years,

how blessed am i to realize these revelations right now!

The Gift to realize that Everything is a gift!

Who else Knows this?

Who GETS to know this, or think these wonderful thoughts….

I have been granted the Curiosity, Confidence, Courageousness to face the unknown

to eagerly see what awaits in wonder on a Christmas morning.

With hope, faith and love,

already trusting that everything is good,

life is perfect

and i have something to be grateful for

even if i have NOTHING!

I want to share these beautiful feelings that

i feel only my freedom of thought, and mind has allowed me to accept

or maybe just create.

Maybe another has completely different yet just as miraculously gorgeous

embodiments of Joy that i wont ever feel, unique to them.

If that is so, how marvelous!

I want to give them all a canvas and paints of the best quality, most vibrant color,

the tools to create, change and free their mind if i only dare to try,

And teach them how to use them, encourage them to create

and make up their own way,

that there is not one way

any more than there is one person only in this world.

if i succeed in reaching them

and they allow me to present

and accept these gifts.

That i ache to give,

and have come so far to bring them.

like the wise men in the Nativity story,

I feel this nostalgic season i can relate to,

for there is a beautiful spirit and soul beyond

comprehension and imagination,

inhabiting every molecule of this experience i am

honored to exist in.

And i want to honor it back!

There is a deeper desire in every single fiber of

my glorious being that desires only to love,

for lack of any other better word that can express this idea.

It is happiness, in the form of being so grateful for a chance to see

another happy and excited,

alive with enthusiam,

lit up with delight,

that really brings authentic joy to my heart

i want to be a part of THAT!!

I dont want a piece of the pie without being able to share it with someone

to accept the proud pie from someone else and tell them what a good job they did on making it.

to make them feel that they are the most amazing pie maker in all of existance.

I dont want the credit, i would rather give it away to the one who is the real master.

The MasterMind of All!

I want to Help the world discover their brilliance and genious within them,

that is them.

Be the best version of themselves, whatever that looks like to THEM.

That no one else can ever be, except them.

I want to let them know that THEY are important,

they deserve to be loved, feel beautiful, wonderful and Amazing.

And Believe the TRUTH is that they Are!

Always were, all that they are, all that they’ve been

and will EVER be is a Blessing to the World.

I have heard it said that

“there is no greater honor than

to lay down your life for your friends”,

well, to lay down your life

doesnt mean to take the easy way out,

or die, like always take the bullet

in that sense

sometimes it means to fight it out

and struggle along side

the ones you love most,

to take their Bag of rocks

off their shoulders when you are already

struggling to carry yours,

because if you are blessed enough to

have a mind that allows you to think so

fondly of someone,

the great mind has thought this first of you

and if you think to save another from drowning

when you may be tired of swimming and  half drowning yourself

the great spirit will not let you drown

if you have hope and faith and love

and trust that you are being taken care of

than you can forget about the worries attached to yourself,

and focus on the great important purpose

and service in life

which is to BELEIVE in the others

even when they Doubt themselves and

See for them, the Perfection, Success and Power

even when they are blind.

Forgive the fears, brush away the tears

love through the walls they build

have a soft heart to protect as well,

one that has been covered in cement and

material thoughts that will never bring happiness.

You Can Be the Difference.

You Can Be Spark that lights the wick to their Explosion of Change

the passing whisp of wind that knocks down the First Dominoe.

That starts them on the path of

Self directed Adventure,

No Longer a Prisoner,

locked inside a room with

with doors that have always been open,

but they were to scared to open.

All we need is a friend

to Celebrate, Talk and share the journey with.

Ups and Downs.

To Remind us of what we cannot see in ourselves.

That is makes all the difference.

My Greater Purpose ,

to give Kindness, Show Compassion and Love all things,

All People

What i really Want is just to be Real,Honest and True,

To Be A Good Friend.

It Is and isnt simple.

Sometimes that may be more difficult than it seems.

But i Am Here.



Brenda Buck - December 5, 2016

Kendra, I just LOVE your writing style, as it is very thought provoking! Thank You for always believing in me, even when I didn’t myself….

    Kendra - December 9, 2016

    Thank you so much Brenda! You inspire me to keep going and never give up, watching your magnificence unfold. Your Writing inspires me so incredibly much as well.

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