MKE #2 – Week 17

Can you see the Sun in this picture?

What if it holds a symbolic meaning of who I truly am.

Within the Canyon of this experience,

rising high above it all

is a brilliant

uncontainable light.

Is it me? Is it mine?

Is it you? is it yours?

is it us? is it ours?

How would I know.

Is there a way to validate

authenticity in the thoughts and feelings

that travel through me


Maybe they are all potential

attributes to

be considered.

All equally capable of becoming

tangible or real.

Am I Real?

This question really provokes

an interesting feeling.

Do i really exist at all?

I feel assured that I AM.


What do i think I AM?

I dont know.


I AM Something.

Or Someone.

I AM what I think I AM.

7 words.

1 Sentence.

But is it true?

Is my whole existance determined by my faith,

unquestionable belief that I AM

without a doubt,

Whatever I TRULY

believe in my heart.

Not the pending thoughts in my head,

or  the words i say.

Only a thing that I feel within.

Honest Belief.

It Seems to create my perceptions,

which influence my experience,

appearing to be a certain way.


But is it really…

Is everything determined by belief ,

is there anyway to be

unquestionably sure



Or is everything forever


to trial and innovation.


Do iI even Want to be sure.

DO I want an answer?

Or AM I just wondering about all the possibilities

appreciating all the many

new creative ideas


inspired by

in asking


i have never asked before.

Now I feel

pressure to

suppress these pondering

which often seem to


feelings of discomfort

and impending change.

Which i try to hold off,

manipulate and control.

Apprehensive of the New

and unfamiliar

Do I let go of everything I seem to have?

Everything i think i know?

All my comfort,


sense of safety and security.

Was i ever really safe?

Or just ignorant.

Blind to reality.

That everyday i

dig my heels into the ground,

as time drags me forward.

Or try to get it all over with faster,

not wanting to feel the presence of

the unknown.

These thoughts, these potentials…

Will i surrender myself to whatever is going on


Tomarrow will become today,

and Later will beome RIGHT NOW.

and Yesterday disappears forever,


As hard as I try to keep it from changing,

I might as well

give it all up now,

Better Sooner than Later..

I die every night

and am reborn every morning.

So what shall i fear?

Sticks and stones may break my bodies bones,

Some negitive thoughts and feelings may bother my soul,

But I Believe have and I AM part of an infinite,eternal

energetic power source,

One Universal Mind,

An Invincible Spirit.

that Nothing can break,

damage, hurt or change .

The Static Comfort within the Dynamic Ocean Storm

of my Life.

Bring on the roller coasters,

this night is ending and

 I will always rise again.

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