MKE #2 – Week 18

I feel like i have been learning to surf

the waves of my mind,

its thoughts that range in spectrum

from high to low,

and the feelings that surge

from my heart

full power

like the weather on the water.

Sometimes i have no idea

whats in store in my subby,

waiting for my conciousness to grab

the surf board of awareness

and practice riding the waves,

doing my best to balance on the board

flowing over chaos the of the ocean

beneath and all around me.

Over the voices that tell me what to do ,

i value my feet to strongly plant

me in my ideal with

the person i intend to become

giving me courage forever

because eternally the intention is

there ahead of me, guiding

my every movement

less i maneuver out of alignment

and fall into the water

i am aware of what a distracted focus can cause

joyful concentration is

holding me up.

I slide over the depths trap

sometime I may fall eventually

yet when i do i will leap

and plunge into the unknown

with a thrill

I am in the ocean!

How wonderful to be free to sink or swim.

or learn to surf.

I choose to be happy

so the experience is a blessing

a wild roller coaster

with up and downs are enivitable

when i decide to play outside

i can see what a courageous

challenge i have

to face

and that is why i

keep running

straight into the

cold water

of the unkown

every morning

first thing.

Before anything can

happen to me,

i happen to it.

If i can embrace my biggest fear

when i think i am most vulnerable,

nothing can knock me off the board

with Suprises i have not prepared for

and anticipated.

I can choose how the water will effect me.

Expand with Courage or

Contract with misUnderstanding.

I will rise again and again…

Improving my balance and

mastering the skills

as they come into my view

all that graces my presence

I Perfect.

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