MKE # 2 – Week 2

I have been meditating on this idea.

it is evoking the feeling like looking over the edge of a cliff, about to jump and hesitating.

for what? Why? What am i afraid of?

in my investigation of what makes me stop, i felt that being my best could possibly challenge, or make the people around me feel uncomfortable (which is a false perception i now realize as i cannot choose for them) and so i had a habit of suppressing my best, true self, authentic desires and expression in order to not disturb them.

i didnt want to cause harm in any way to anything or anyone. but i promised to be “radically” honest with myself no matter what, and now i am just beginning to think, feel and beleive that Truthfully it is not harming, it is Encouraging.

To see a shining example of what it is to be True and Authentic and to Love Oneself. To see that is is safe. or possibly unsafe.

I feel that Nothing can ever harm our Spirit which is One, Conscious energy of Unconditional Love.

So We Can Always BE Safe. But Can we Even Understand What that Means?

From the Limited perception of a Human Being’s mind, perhaps not.
but i beleive we are Sooo much more that this.

I think It is brave, to embrace the unknown and leap of of the box of the comfort zone. What we think we know. but the more honest i am with myself, the more i realize that i realley dont know, how can i know? Alot of what i thought i knew was based on assumption, something someone told me, what i heard or interpreted as being a certain was


Maybe it Doesnt have to be Any Certain way.

Maybe there is Not just One Way.

One Golden Magic Way.

For everyone, wether they like it or not.

so do it this way or else…


Maybe I get to make my own way up. i can choose how i want MY WAY to be.

i feel like such a relief has lifted off me since recognizing this.

I DONT HAVE TO BE AFRAID of Doing Anything the wrong way, or anything else for that matter!

Nothing is Wrong unless i think it is.

And Everything is Right if i believe it to be.

Although what is right for me may not be right for you.

I Am a Unique Expression of the Universe therefore my Way, my wants, desires, dreams and Path are also Unique.

And i Actually Dont believe i CAN make a Mistake.

i choose to believe that Everything i experience is beneficial to the growth and expansion of my consciousness.

I Can Just Decide on an ideal, follow my intuitions instruction, necessary action and allow my subconscious to…

“acess the resevoir of infinite resources to manisfest demand 24-7” – Law of Subconcious, 7 laws of the mind.

i have also learned through other source that “expectation creates demand.”

but there is no substitute for Action and industriousness.

This is “your part” in the i-Deal.

As i become more and more clear on what i truly desire, my ideal and method changes if necessary.

I will not make assumptions of what is possible based on the current reality and perception i hold.

I become a new entity with every passing thought, with an infinite potential to create, attract, manifest and experience ANY condition

that i choose.

I can live in a way that is in Harmony with what ‘I” Beleive.

Holding expectation creates demand which directs my subby to manifest it.

Therefore i will hold no expectation i do not wish to be reality.


I Believed So Many things blindly, not even asking or consulting my higher self or my own heart, inner compass if it was True.

To Say ” I Dont Know ” might not sound smart to the ego,

but perhaps Wisdom can admit when it has no answers.

So many may be imprisoned by fear of change, the unknown, not being loved, not being good enough, losing what is familiar or what connection to love they experience currently.

It Might Make You Stop, and Doubt and Second Guess, or Lie to yourself, so it doesnt have to change. So You Dont have to change.

So you Can feel safe in what is familiar and what you think you know.

The illusion of control, which is controlling you.

it can seem easier to stay the same even if it is killing you than to risk whatever you think you have currently on something you are not even sure exists.

This is where Hope, Faith and Love come in… If you trust and Love yourself and trust that the universe loves you even if no other human being might, than perhaps the doubt, opinions and possible judgements of the world will be like music to your ears. Reassurance that.


You Must Think for Yourself! You do not have to be afraid, you do not have to beleive what others tell you. You Do Not HAVE to do Anything!

You Are Invincible, You Can love yourself, and Can Be Your Own Sheild. Love Can Be Your Sheild!

Although perhaps there is nothing to be protected from, but our own self-doubt, fears, lies, and false perceptions ideas and beleifs that cause us to freeze up, Curl up, Run away from our greatness, our brilliant shining light from within, Our Hero’s Journey, Mission and Purpose in This School of Life.

We are all connected, One universe, which is an individual reflection of what we think and feel.
perhaps you have also judged others. perhaps you judge yourself, We May Be Our Own Biggest Critic, Bully and Abuser. Stop Now! You must be the change you desire, give out firs and follow the golden rule, before it can be shown back to you, for you to receive.

We All Just want to be Loved, no matter what form or expression matter takes.

Forgiveness is an Important thing. Never Stop This!…

What seem to be Mistakes are enevitable, they are blessings, teachers, oppurtunities to try again, change our mind, learn and grow and become More and more Loving than we were before.

Every second, Every minute is an oppurtunity to love. And Now, this is the Only one there is. a Stillframe that morphs and changes into new and different forms the same moment.

What Do you Want this Moment to be?

I Beleive We are Love,

for lack of a better word, because there is no other word in my mind that can better describe the incomprehensible cosmic beauty that we ALL Are.

No matter what, Nothing can change that.

Not any lies that you could possibly listen to or beleive in.

You Are Loved because I love you at the very least.

I feel it is the least and Most i can do for you rignt now. i may not know you, but i love you And i Hope you Will Love Yourself.

i Can not make you do anything, you do not want to do. that you do not instruct and direct yourself to do.

nor would i want to.

It wouldnt be beneficial to me or you, it must be your own choice.

to Create an earnest intention, ideal and demand.

My intention is to inspire freedom within the minds and hearts of the world by being the most authentic, honest, truly compassionate, Loving version, and shining example of Myself.

By Being True to Myself. Being My Friend. My Own Best Friend.

I Love Myself and you are part of me. and so i will love you too.

Even if you are still unkown right now, and that can could scare me.

I Can Love Myself through it, allow myself to love you anyway

and through practice, create a new habitual response.

to Embrace the unknown, trust myself and that the world loves me.

i believe We are Together as one and as many.

and i Am so Grateful for You being you!!

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Nancy Ottinger - October 18, 2016

“And i Actually Dont believe i CAN make a Mistake.” – the one mistake you can make is not seeking the answers within. You’ve come a long way, my friend! Great post!

    Kendra - October 18, 2016

    “Only the one who doesnt questions is free from the risk of mistakes” -Albert Einstein
    its a paradoxical thing to me, if mistakes are welcomed than they cease to be mistakes in my mind.

Richard Blankenship - October 11, 2016

Just a quick note to let you know I visited your blog site, really appreciate all it contains, and I support you as part of this community!

    Kendra - October 17, 2016

    Thank you Richard! i realley love your blog as well.
    I Love being a part of this gigantic mastermind.

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