MKE #2 – Week 20

Faith and family first.

Keeping promises.

Poise,  just being yourself.

Never fighting yourself

welcoming obstacles as challenging

in my life schedule and daily schedule

i enjoy our differences

most of all i will love myself.

This is my top priority,

i do the heavy lifting,

adapt to change

which is constant


i am no master,

i know nothing

yet change is automatically


I see myself, my god

in everything

year after year,

after centuries,

i train myself, my brain, my thinking

all i have to do is decide

and execute corresponding

inspired strategy

actions for success

and plan and purpose

maintaining kindness

in always.

Perfect harmony for a definite purpose

is essential for an authentic

master mind to operate.

Habits pick up and

unblock progress


allies to become one-der-fool.

We can be partners in


now we are doing it together.

Hardwork and careful planning

can be exstatic.

We plan to succeed,

to prepare a place for ourselves in our father’s house.

The perfect plan ,

I already have i must

stop pretending

and mind my world within.

Patience is a virtue

i plant in the fertile fields

of my world

so i can

enjoy the

time as it dances

i create destiny as it comes to me.

We are best friends,



with laser focus

on the plan

what i am deeply passionate about

what i can be the best in the world at

what drives the economic engine.

Ties the first place with me

the best in the world

at who I Am.

The fox knows many things,

but the hedgehog knows

one simple thing.

A plan that works and work the plan.

s Migrate back into being

what intend,

desire and

love most


And This is the top priority.

What am i pretending not to know,

what am i doing that is not driving the goals i hold.

What will.,

turn me into a hedgehog.

cant eat a recipe.

I can have the purpose, and the plan

but without execution

No Lasagna,

gotta make it happen

after i think about it.

“Vision without execution is a hallucination.”

-Thomas Edison

got to express the plan in continuous action,

to get over the hump.

Today is the day, Now is the time.

Begin Within and express it


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