MKE #2 – Week 21

Today i used my precious time

which no price can ever buy back,

 looking up


when the human species

was first documented to break into being

7 million years ago,

the first hominins

were discovered via fossil dating.

Before that?

Where did the hominins come from?

From which did we derive,

swimming fish who climbed on land

or perhaps a extraterrestrial hand.

Is it just a magnificent chance,

that we have learned to write

on electric boxes or

dance in organized formation

create a language in which to seek connection.

All this was part of my reflection.

Does it seem alot to digest,

if we are a second or less old,

in the scope of all eternity,

the universe and what all it holds

a great hero’s journey about to unfold.

The stars and planets, happenstance to

combine just alright for me to be typing this blog tonight

what else could there possibly be

that has been done that i may never see

this isnt the beginning and surely not the end,

if anything happpens we’ll all just transform

into something else.

That i suppose is what encouraged,

our biological development into

what i am now.

The desire to survive,

to grow,

change and adapt.

This habit i have kept and i am alive,

and seeking to discover

still what i can do to assist

myself and others

to continue forward

on this endless mission

grand in scale

yet perhaps never finished.

What would the me i intend to become do next?

Evaluate my progress,

what is working,

what is not

in relation to what i truly want.

All i want is to be here.

Which is happening, clearly.

This world i have labeled in orderly stance

is simply an effort to understand

who i am in association to everything

and to everyone am i


As everything is to be,

if i can change the way i look at all things

what is it i would like to see,

could i be ignorant possibly

lying about reality.

Or why doesnt it seem we can all agree

on what is what

and why

if what is true can be disproven

then what is known is only

just a point of view

this is what i never knew

because i tried so hard to prove

i was able, worthy, important

valuble, hopeful

here for a reason

not just an accident

although i have not much evidence

except the ideas my brain says

may be accurate

but who knows for certain

until we can see behind the curtain

and even then

what is realley true

through all our tests

that are rigged, or honest blind faith

what is the purpose and point of this place

what a gift so precious, priceless and yet

something we dont appreciate

enough for the thought that

we only live once

all theory aside

that last moment is lost

never to be seen again

febeuary 23, 8:16, Friday, 2017

was a once in eternity

existance now gone

forever and

what could have been the best use of its life

other than to do something we like,

something we love more than anything else,

all we have that is known to man,

the moment we live in again and again

to love it as much as we can manage to imagine

this minute

this still frame

dont waste

it ashamed

give it a funeral

and all that youve got,

cause when one minute is your last

you may finally realize youll miss them all alot.

So believe in them as oppurtunity to see

the wishes that have been granted,

not taken for granted,

follow your compass

listen to the pull

of life within the moment

wanting to live



it is too late

that chance is

worth remembering

to accept, to take, forget the rest

make this second

the best one yet.

Work doesnt matter,

whats important is play,

wont take anything with us

but memories anyways

and maybe not even that

it may all get destroyed in the end

what matters is friends.

so why wouldnt you choose

to live for today, enjoy what youve got

not a moment dont lose,

its not worth sweating harder than your laughter

theres no reason to worry

what could you choose,

to do that would make the fast fragile second


it takes a second to wave and

a second to smile.

A second to hug

although if its span went on forever

that would be the an excellent choice

to be happy together.

Id hug you forever.

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