MKE #2 – Week 23

All fear is fear of not being loved.

I believe in and trust myself to be true to what

my heart wants and needs.

I always keep my promises.

A words just a word til you mean what you say,

and love isnt love til you give it away.

I love everything!

Surrendering to this experience,

this moment.

Joyful observer is

an absolute.

What i realley want most is what

has always been,

i only wanted to realize

be aware of

and remember it.

The law of least effort,




Knowing my weaknesses

has made me incredibly strong.

The energy and the rich flow of ideas that come from

letting go, embracing the idea of millstones,

the duties before me,

call to adventure.

Slaying dragons, taming dragons,

changing dragons of fear into

perfect love or messy perfectly imperfect love

regardlesss of the result of my actions

if i give it all and do my very best

i am always excellent

that is something i agree with

still having alot to do

something to wake up for

look forward to.

What is important is that i have come

to understand what is important.

Its about a principle that

changed a life.

Im not sure how many it will effect,


I expect that what is,

is worth it.

I Am here on purpose,

self- directed,

self-reliant upon myself to

love myself unconditionally.

Shortcomings and flaws of course are

part of the unplanned plan.

To believe what is true in

my heart of hearts is true of all.

That I Am Unconditional Love.

And I Trust myself.

My true nature is spiritual,

of love.

Nature’s Greatest Miracle

is Children,

to be childlike,

expressing joyfully unique


Providing a ideal model of

mastery in love.

I Was born a Master!

It is easy, natural for me

perhaps everyone.

I blow off all the last bits of cement

on my glittering, glowing,

shining, enlightened

bhudda self within

and now without.

I Am No longer a statue,

i can release all fear of being myself,

get up and dance around the world!

I wont be quiet to appease the ego

desiring control

of to stay in a place of complacency,

the comfort zone of


I will be who i am and

say what i feel,

because i know that whose who mind,

are bothered, effected negitively

that is not of me.

That is of them.

What they see is but a reflection

of the chains tugging on their own ankles

in response to my freedom.

They are not imprisoned by me or anything else

they are their own captor,

captive and captain.

It is the most important responsibility of each individual

above all else,

to first be true to thyself,

love thyself,

realize the truth of unity

and consequently

Love and care for all of existance

our whole self

because it is us also.

We are the force of all,

the source is everywhere!

Do you know what turning the knob on the faucet

of a sink does?

It Opens the infinite flow of abundance that is

always present,

its been there to quench your thirst

and if you had only realized this sooner

you would not be dehydrated right now.

Parched for Love.


its a New Now.

Now is the only oppurtunity.

I can share what i have gleaned,

where to get the living water,

it is just as much yours as anyone else.

You must allow yourself to drink,

if you want to live, revive yourself

be resurrected from this mire of stuff,

you are stuck in.

Turn the knob, fill yourself up

and use this every experience

to share with others who are also longing for

what you now have.

Use this oppurtunity to love

and nothing will ever be wasted in your life.

There is no wisdom in what we know,

the wisdom is in uncertainty.

Step into the uncertainty,

its just a game.

We are sent here to play.

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