MKE #2 – Week 24

Today I wonder

about what enough is to me

what do I want it to be

is what I am

no all that I have enough

for me,

the gal in the glass,

or is my future self created by the constant

desire to improve.

or both.

Perhaps I Can be content with what is

and still look forward to

experiencing the


experiences to come.

Different or not as expected to be

could be an OPPURTUNITY

to love something that

live never thought about before

A new foreign thing is not something to

be avoided out of fear

being previously unknown to me.

It is something to be discovered, introduced

embraced so that I can

addition it to the rest of me

the whole universal truth and

connection of what i know I Am.

I know I am part of everything

in this dream

and want to relate to it,

myself in a loving way.

That starts with my individual self,

am I good enough for me?

Is there something I’m not specifically asking myself

to change or innovate differently

that I am beating myself up for!

Can I read my own my,

am I truly listening to

what I Am is


Am I Allowing myself, giving myself

permission to listen to my inner compass.

Does anyone else know the way to my heart

but me who is caught in a tangled

web of daily distractions?

Who else can I ask but me

without expecting to be led on a prodigal path

Back to the mirror

after getting lost again

in a place where I Am


I Am


“That is enough! “

I am enough.

Do I listen to me or the

false experiences appearing real,

illusory contrast


(by me)

to probably strengthen

the clarity with

which I know who I truly am.

only I can know this.

And give me permission,

direction, decision

to act and

allow what is


to be


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