MKE #2 – Week 5

I Am Responsible.

I Am Responsible,

for One Thing.

And One thing Only


And More Specifically,

the thoughts i choose to think.​

I Made a Promise.

The Greatest ​Promise of All...

The One I AM.

I Am Responsible for My Life.

I Am Responsible for Creating my life, the way i want it to be.

It is MY Responsibility, nobody elses.

​I Am Responsible for my Body. 

It is Mine.

It is the House of my Spirit

and ​

the church of my soul...

I Owe it my Life.

It allows me to Live my Life.

​It is a Blessing!

And i Am so Grateful to My Body, For​ my body

and every experience it has allowed me to live,

through it.

What Could i be allowing the Universe to experience through me? 

Through my individual mind, the thoughts i think

the feelings i choose and associate together with the perceptions i hold...

(Thoughts that fire together, wire together​.)

​What does this mean? 

To me, it seems ​that every different change i experience 

by the second, the moment, day, month, year, decade, century, era... etc.

All Create A Story.

This Story is My Story

and it is also the Story of the Universe.

The Story of the Universe Being told in Infinite ways.

Unlimited Variety

an endless expression of creativity!

Have Fun!

There is nothing to lose if everything becomes an

oppurtunity to find something to focuse on that will inspire you 

and/or another ​channel of willing energy 

to make things​.

Make things!

Make Something out of your Life!

You Can Do Anything!

How Exciting!

I​ have yet meet a reason to be bored in my life, 

because there is soooooooo......

many possibilities and so much potential

that i would Love Harness,

More Power than a infinite herd of ​divine horses. 

I AM One of those Horses. 

My Power is Infinite! 

And the stampede of like-minded interests that

i attract and run with are Part of this infinite herd as well. 

We're in this together. 

A Rippling Union that can Shatter the Ground,

Break Through the Cement


Kick up the ​Dust into Beautiful Unbriddled enthusiam!

The Mastermind Of Galloping ​Worlds in Harmony Together.

its Truly Magnificant!​

All Opinion is attachment to what we think we know.​

And i Dont know who or what i Am for certain. 

It Seems that i Am ...

I Am...​

I Am...

and i dont know

i admit it. ​

I ​let go of knowing, of needing to know, wanting to know...

attachment to knowing.

needing to know,

wanting to know​,

Opinion and Judgement​ in response to Everything! 


Responsibility for myself.

Am i Being Responsibile?

I Dont Know Actually, realley...

I Want to say "I Love You"

But i honestly must confess that 'Love'

is just a word i pick and use to describe  

the greatest thing i think of.


​attributing any and all of the greatest of everything

in infinite gratitude. ​

to yourself

or those you say you 'love'​

What are you realley trying to say, and why?

I Am realley trying to say "You Matter."

"i Care about you."

"You​ Are the Most Important thing i can think of Right Now."

"I Am Giving you All Of my energy, good intentions and focuse"

​"i want to show how much you mean to me."

So many things...

a whole langauge.

I am trying to express with this one word.

Attachment to this one word,

in hope that i can possibly rely the vastness of what I realley feel​. 

I feel Responsible.

It is my greatest Responsibility

to Love.  (for lack of a word that holds greater meaning to me.)

It is my responsibility to do my best.

Be my Best.

Give My Best.

For the world, to myself and in All things​, All ways...

I Accept the Greatest Responsibility to Love.​

I Love Myself and Promise to Keep my Pact.

I Promise to Love the World as an extension of Me.

Because i feel we are all one.

​connected and important. 

I have asked myself what is my greatest desire,

essentially the answer was "Love".

To experience the greatest and most that i can.  ​

What I desire most is to Love and Be Loved Unconditionally.

I Accept this Responsibility.​

I Promise to ​Love. 

And Take Care of...


My Whole Self. ​

My Whole Connected Self.

The World.


the Microcosm within the Macrocosm of me. 

The Individual Self that i Have been entrusted ​to Take Care of. 

The epitomy of Me.


The Individual, Body, Mind, Soul,



When i Say "I Love you" to Person in the Mirror.

With Pure and honest intent.

I say "I Love You"

to the Whole World.

So to Us.

I say, 

With the Greatest Intention i can Hold,

'I Love You."​

Thank-You for Reading My Blog as I document My Journey

with The Masterkey Experience.

If you Would Like to ​discover what its all about 

and open the door to the magnificent world within you,

Please Go Here.​

Deanna - November 10, 2016

I Am is a powerful statement to your life! Responsibility starts with I AM
Love your post and I love you!

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