MKE – #2 – Week 6

Does Something have Power Over Me?

Can i be Forced, or Have to do anything because …… Made Me?

Can i Truly be Controlled by anything or anyone else other than my own mind?

It Could Seem Convenient to Make an Excuse, Fault, Blame and exclude ourselves from the throne of Responsibility.

Stating and Believing that we are the victim of this and that, hoping circumstances are in our favor and maybe we will be lucky.

Do we not know that it is our choice??

The Decision is up to ME.

And the Ball is in My court of Universal Law.

So the question becomes, instead of wasting so much time denying my rights

What Do i Allow Myself to experience?

What do i want?

is essentially the point of it all but,

will i allow myself to have whatever it is i am wanting?

This Seems to unveil a new wrench in the gears of progress and process of manifesting.

Have i missed an essential step?

Sometimes i feel as though i am jumping over the Old Feelings, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears…

Onto a Safe Landing of My New Ideals that i Am Positively Passionate about…

Can i Do it?

Can i Realley Live my Dreams?

I feel as though the small child in me is turning to my inner authority

asking for permission.

Permission to do what i love, and let my whole life be fueled by it.

Asking Confirmation that what i am asking for is Safe, I am on the right path to most effectively reach my exact ideal and If my decision is Trust worthy.

So What Do I Say?

What Do I feel?

Sometimes i feel the desires for certain things and i hold off, pushing away and waiting until i am Sure.

I Am Okay,

its Okay to take chances. How Do i know What is Possible?

its Okay to Get Messy, i Can always get Cleaned up.

its Okay to make Mistakes. This is how i learn and become more aware of exactly what i want and the most harmonious methods of manifesting that experience.

I Have the Power Over Me.

It is ALL me. In My Mind.

I get to say , “Yes!” and i get to say “No!”

and i get to say “Maybe? ” if i am not sure.

Whatever i Am Wanting is Okay, if it is okay with me.

I have an Inner Pow wow.

Is this in Harmony with my ideal?

If i decide it is Not, can i find a different activity to participate in

that i feel is acceptable and beneficial to the construction of Who I Am constantly Working so Hard to Be?

YES i Can.

Because i Believe i Have the Right.

I Am Responsible for Making Decisions for My Life.

And i can blame No One for what i decide to choose.

Sometimes i may not be aware of Why i want certain things,

but it is My Responsibility to find out!

Why do I want this ?

I Get to Decide.

I Get to Choose.

I Get to Allow anything and everything into my life. (say the word!)

I Am Powerful.

 I Have Control Over Myself.

I Have Discipline.



Me and Myself are Friends!

Best Friends.

I cannot describe how good it feels to know you can trust yourself.

to depend on nothing externally, because you can depend on yourself!

I Am Free!

And I Am Happy!

Because I Can Choose to Be.

Nothing can choose for me.

Nothing can MAKE me Happy.

Its always an excellent time to realize your power.

You Have Rights!

Universal Rights, that Nobody and Nothing can ever take away, remove or Control.

Nothing Can control You except You.

Although they may try and fail.

Desperately laboring in Vain.

Trying to attain something that is forbidden, just cannot be.

We already have enough decisions to make for our own life.

Why Would We want to Make take someone elses?

Live For Yourself!

Think for yourself,

Talk with yourself.

Make decisions,

Take actions

and Do What You Realley Want To Do.

Although the idea seems wonderful,

you might not Live Forever.

So if you had 2 months to live,

what would you want to be doing.

You Have The Power.

Use it Wisely.

Respect Yourself.

Your Dreams and Your life.

You Are Important.

You Matter.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

You Have Been Trusted to Fullfill this mission.

You Have been Blessed to fullfill this task, take up this responsibility.

You Have Been Honored to Even Exist!

to even realize you exist is a gift.

to realize you get to live any life that you decide.

How Powerful is that?

I wonder if anyone else realizes this.

What Do You Accept\Allow ?

If You Are Interested in Learning More About This Process In The Masterkey Experience, Please Go Here!


Deanna - November 10, 2016

Thank you for sharing your innermost feelings. Yes! You get to decide, you get to choose and you are powerful and loved beyond measure. Believe! 🙂

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