MKE #2 – Week 7

Letting Go of all the doubts and fears,

to focus on having faith in what i love.

I want to Love myself and choose to forgive anything i think i may have done wrong.

i am working on myself constantly.

Minute to minute i have been doing the mental action of holding visions of what i desire.

At times i find myself allowing my thoughts to drift and think about things that have no real meaning to my goals or dreams.

It is then that i congratulate myself on realizing the karmic pattern i am creating,

evaluate the effects of the cause i am definitely creating,

“Is this the kind of experience i desire?”

if not, what is?

Constantly, wherever i am

i seek out validation and confirmation of my success.

I feel that whatever i am seeking i will surely find,

and so why would i seek out my flaws?

I suppose i could also notice them and replace with something that fits my ideal,

thank you law of substitution!

An inner compass seems to be pointing me in the direction of what i need,

and may not even understand or know that i need in order to get what i want.

So, What do i want?

I think i know…

and sometimes i change my mind.

All the possible opinions of the way i MUST live…

they are all surely valid ideas.

Yet, Is it really what i want?

Do  i really have to do anything a certain way?

What do I think?


That is what i think.

I can let all those opinions go…

I dont have to.

But i can.

 I Can.

No matter how many times someone else says  “i can’t.”

What i say to myself is the Only determiner.

and i am determined to think for myself.

I am and will not be a copy, nor can or will i ever be copied.

This life expression i am blessed to experience is unique to me.

my life is special.

My most valued possession.

Yet in all honesty, something i can not even possess.

I Belong to the greatness that makes up everything.

It has made me and continues to make me.

and when i am done,

i will never be gone.

My existance can never be erased.

I Am Here Now.

I may change, but i will always be Here Now.

Now is all there is.

All i know is this.

 This experience of  me can be, i feel

anything i dare to believe in.





Deanna - November 23, 2016

Well done beautiful soul. I love how you write and it always vibes with my heart. Thank you!

    Kendra - November 26, 2016

    Thank you for reading, im so glad to be able to share my thoughts with you! 🙂 <#

MasterKeyNatalieZ - November 14, 2016

Thank you! Lovely, amazing post – beautifully written keep shining your beautiful light – Here – NOW 🙂

    Kendra - November 15, 2016

    Thank you so much Natalie!

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