MKE #2 – Week 9

This week in the masterkeys mastermind alliance group,

we discussed the idea that human beings are the only organism

that we know of who is capable of choosing how they will respond.

The ability to choose, as in freewill was also discussed weeks prior

in which we discussed the idea that our subconscious mind decides and/or makes a decision

7 seconds before we in our conscious mind are even aware of it.

Almost seems like all of our choice is predetermined by our subconscious

program/pattern/blueprint/belief system.

Maybe they are,

if we are driven by habits,

a choice set in motion will continue in motion unless stopped.

Can we stop ourselves?

In the beginning weeks we discuss the idea

that we are all chemically addicted to

our thoughts.

Negitive, Positive whatever is most familiar.

Apparently “Subby” (the nickname we use as a group to refer to the subconcious mind)

is non-judgmental, and so does not filter anything it recieves.

Concious mind (no, we do not have a nickname for it it, i guess it is already short enough)

is supposedly the filter.

The guard at the gate.

Anything that We (the observer) and concious mind

allow into our heads,

Subby absorbs and begins manifesting.

Attracting, growing, allowing, creating an experience for us

to match the kind of thoughts we are thinking

or seeds we are planting in our mental garden.

So maybe we have some say as to what we allow ourselves to think.

Like the Parent of a child has the power to influence the kind of things in the childs life,

yet does not realley been granted actual control of the child themselves.

I Am an individual expression of the one universal mind

or substance of which everything is made of,

according to the book called The Masterkey System by Charles Haanel,

which is what we are all currently studying.

The ideas have brought alot of new awareness to me

and perhaps an understanding of how exactly we are able to change

the subconcious blueprint can be obtained by a gander through this literature.

It is one of the many things the other Mkmma participants and i

are working on.

Helping eachother to influence ourselves with the kind of ideas

we desire to experience manifested in our lives.

Of course it is no “quick fix” overnight magic pill…

It is a constant process and journey.

My whole lifetime, since birth to now

i have been subconciously creating my reality or experience.

Perhaps i have always been doing this and now

in this lifetime and journey through this course,

The Masterkey Experience,

Working together with other individual souls on similar paths

that i have now become aware of this great priviledge.

It is a priviledge, for me

to realize

that i may be able to choose WHAT

without having to worry about HOW.

And Yes, i am also aware of that i have to take action,

but it is almost automatic if i will listen to and observe the inner voice of my inuition

and allow it to lead and guide me into the physical concrete

manifested reality of my requested idea or “ideal”.

I imagine it similar to the holiday practice of Christmas

when children write a list for Santa Claus

explaining exactly what they want in

precision and detail.

As i child, i remember this.

and how i felt asking for these things

while being detached to the outcome

of wether i would get some or all of them.

I believe a higher power that is directing all of the functions of life,

without me being aware of it.

Like my heart pumping blood, 24-7

i dont have to ask, i dont have to tell it to beat.

And i am not manually pumping each chamber, at least not conciously.

I am writing this blog post and

perhaps my heart is beating without my knowledge

for i have no way of being sure while my fingers type

of anything other than,

“i am writing a blog post”

I see and i do.

I dont have to ask how.

So, to change my mind

maybe i dont have to ask how either

I Just DO IT!


thomas - November 28, 2016

Wow, i love your insights and linking the material. thank you for sharing all this whit us 🙂

greetings from belgium

    Kendra - December 4, 2016

    You are most welcome thomas, Thank you so much for reading it!

Deanna - November 23, 2016

Great Post, reflection and awareness. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Kendra - November 26, 2016

    Thank you Deanna!

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