MKE #3 – Week 13 – INstant Gratification

I was asleep.



absorbing information.

Or just realizing it.

There is something i want, I didn’t have because

i didn’t know what exactly it was.

Then i decided.

I wasn’t sure if it was a definitive best idea ever.

But it was something.

I wanted to try it.

There was alot of hope wrapped around it.

I defined what it was i wanted with as much detail as I had.

As i moved further down the direction path towards it,

there seemed to a clearer and clearer assurance of this being a good thing to be in my life.

Than It become real.

I hesitated to celebrate in the beginning, still testing the waters.

Once I had looked it over and learned a lot more about what it was able to do,

I left my inhabitions, fear and hesitancy behind,

and wanted to share what i had

with all the world!

It was something I had not only discovered,

new to my life experience.

Yet, I had called ir forth from the depths.

It may have always been,

it was there, when i was not.

As soon as I thought of it, and

asked for it with the emotion of affirmative desire,

gratitude for it

being in the place i had made for it

in my life,

It was there to be used in the physical.


I have heard the universe likes speed,

yet I think it may come slow to those who ask it to.

I, AS the universe have a perception of space time.

I want to opt out sometimes and let go of the

commen sense reality which may say

this can happen in X amount of time.

If now is truly all there is than why wait?

If I am sure, patience is nice

But so is growth i get from experiencing

more and more things I like.

There seems to be an insatiable creative spark,

rising into a roaring fire now and then,

ravaging everything, ingulfing what is currently

searching for more.

The leading edge?

What more could i want?

What more would I love?

I am so very happy and grateful for my life

right now with all that it is, all that I am

I also want to add-on and change it.

Cause theres new ideas i have that

want to be born.

Start now, they may outgrow the vision.

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Kendra - January 8, 2018

Hi Julia! I am going wonderful places with myself!
I love seeing the comments from you.
I am smiling even bigger now.
The holiday blogs are catching up now… 😉

Julia Standish - January 6, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!!
I spent some time reading your blog and checking in on occasions with a comment or two. Congratutions. I enjoy your style. Easy to read and comprehend. I came to read Week 14 and Week 15 during the Holiday Season, and into the New Year… and you are becoming the self directive person you set yourself to become. I am glad you answered the call within. Keep on moving forward in changing your old blueprint…to gain what I think is going to be a life changing experience.
I am looking forward to seeing you manifest your intentions. It seems you have reach many milestones since I meet you.
Julia Standish

Jamie Moench - January 5, 2018

I like your post and love that your/we’re learning and wanting to grow more..
Lets keep going and change this world :))

    Kendra - January 8, 2018

    Thank you so much Jamie! <3


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