MKE #3 – Week 1 – Another Oppurtunity

I woke up thinking about all the possibilities and potential experiences

I could co-create with this oppurtunity.

This  morning, New Day

A New Beginning.


It could be anything!

I felt a surge of enthusiam

emerge as I wonder now,

before I’ve ever taken my head off the floor

“What will it be?”

What will I choose?

I think of the analogy of the universe being a cosmic waiter,

just waiting to take my order

if I will just decide already.

It is done.

“Ask for what you want”!

I feel myself begging.

What do I REALLEY want.

Sometimes I think I try too hard,

thinking the harder I work

the more pain, toil and struggle I endure

the more I feel, or believe that

I deserve it.

I deserve to have what I want most,

what I dream about

day in

and day out.

Who am I to have MY dreams come true?

What about everybody else?

I think I feel the self-sacrificial social conditioning,

subconcious beliefs, probably of fearing that I will no longer be loved

If I do whatever it is I feel I am being pulled to do,

it feels like it is tugging me ethereally

like a little child trying to wake their parents from

slumber to ‘Wake up and come play!’

Ive heard infants and children (before they are influenced)

described as the most selfish, self-centered little creatures on the planet.

Now what do I do with this thought

that I am to love myself FIRST,

and only than can I ever realley love anything else.

I would have to be Selfish than?

Not just to for my own good,

but also if I ever hope to help ANYONE AT ALL!?!?!

Forget about the potential others, wants, desires, dreams

at least until I am My True Self.

and just mind my own business Until then

and Only then,

Can I help them, love them at all.

It does seem like I would have enough to deal with

learning to care for myself,

Is it not a lifelong journey?

Learning to Love…

I mean, even now I am

wondering If I love myself enough.

What is Love?

Can I Love everything else while loving myself as well?

Maybe that IS how this works.

As Ive heard it said “Seek first the kingdom and the rest will be added to you.”

automatically, effortlessly.

As a natural by-product of my existance,

If I will just make it my soul intention to love my individual self AND my Whole Self,

Which I consider everything

I am connected and one with everything.

Can I realley love everything

As myself if I dont love myself first?

Do I Love myself?



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Julia Standish - October 10, 2017

I have always loved your energy. From the day I first meet you, and the time we spent together on Kauai.
I hope you gain what you are obtaining, and I hope you share it with everyone you meet.


    Kendra - October 10, 2017

    I feel so blessed to know you, and feel like Ive known you my whole life!


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