MKE #3 – Week 11 – Remissioned

It appears I have not always let myself

do what i feel I am being most drawn to.


I have often thought It wasn’t clear enough.

If this was a calling from my inner being or a fearful part of me.

Is this something I really want?

Why do i want this so much?

Do i think that this, this external material thing has any power

that I do not give it.

Thinking perhaps it will change me.

No, I do not believe that.

Nor would I want that to be true.

Would I want anything to have a grip of power over me.

A habit, persay that I have built up for nothing more than

to establish a familiar course of action

that I spend my ever passing priceless precious

time of life on?

What am i giving my life to?

What am i giving life to this time around.

It all may be ideas, i think.

Different, new, fresh ideas…

Like a baby’s energy that is so alluring.

Fascinating Ideas!

So interesting to entertain…

Of course beside it all I want to

walk in the remembrance of who I

and what all things truly are,

as i believe.

I am so blessed,

i am so blessed

i am sooooo blessed!

Infinitely and eternally.

There is so much to do, think, feel and create..

to enjoy, appreciate, discover and explore!

How could one ever be bored?

Well, it;s worth a gander i suppose,

for the experience of contrast.


All things truly do serve a magnificent purpose.

The contrast is amazingly beautiful.

Even what I think is ugly, or useless

at any specific moment in time

is simply,

“Not EXACTLY what i want RIGHT NOW.”

Yet it may be

“EXACTLY what i or another soul want RIGHT NOW,

and who knows what I myself may find myself seeking later.

I do find it is nice to be surrounded by a sea of options to which I can

observe are quite similar but not quite specifically focused down to the subatomic particle

of what it is I desire right here and now in My experience of life.

It helps me to conjure more and more…

To become more than I could ever imagine on my own.

Yes, all things are my friend in some way.

Helping me to find my way.

Like a song I’ve heard,

“You raise me up to {become} more than I {could ever} be.”

{on my present path the way I think it should be, yet I am open to

new, different ideas that I may not even be aware of yet.

Because that’s what I want!

I want to GROW!!!

Perhaps Contrast could be looked at like Miracle Grow

for our soul.

And it has worked on me!

As resistant as i feel towards it, habitually.

more and more I am just deciding to let it flow.

To go with the flow

and ride the waves of life on a buoy

of delight in relish of just being alove and


How amazingly lucky am I, not lucky.

I don’t believe in luck.


What a glorious thing I am to be aligned so well…

With all that could possibly be right now.

I choose this!



I dont even know what is going on or what all of this world is..

But I let go of the desire to understand awhile back.

I dont need to know what something is to appreciate and enjoy it.

I can just love it for whatever it is, without having to KNOW

and understand completely or  possibly even at all!

I mean gosh!

Babies can be the most bubbly alive and happy little things on the planet and

if they supposedly know nothing of the earth, of this world

at least in that point in the time of our lives.

We were all once babies.

We are all still in a sense, babies in comparison our limited individual perspectives

of the infinite , and to all that exists.

All that has been, is and ever will be.

Thank you!



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Kimberley Robertson - December 13, 2017

Beautifully written!

    Kendra - December 14, 2017

    Thank you so much kimberly! 🙂 <3


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