MKE #3 – Week 12 – Infinite potential


It can be a comman theme for adolescent youth.

“Im Bored, theres nothing to do.”

Or so you may say.

Is boredom real?

Doesn’t seem to be in my world.

There is always an abundance of things to do that are calling my name.

The jey for me is prioritizing and scheduling all the things I want to do

and make sure the foundational needs are met.

I do sometimes feel like there are things I would rather not do,

and/or something I would rather do instead.

Procrastination is often a signal of this.

I have and very good relationship with myself and intuition

and would rather not force myself to do what doesnt feel quite right

at any specific moment in time.
I have heard it both ways people saying to Push through and just do it anyway.

Also, he that labors, labors in vain.

I think what matters most to me is Self-integrity and trust.

I usually ask what Is mine to do from within

rather than try to manipulate and control by

ego’s will to make something happen.

It usually feels and turns out much better

if I just simply let go and let God take care of the HOW


I am more than happy to do what is asked of me.

I relish in a challenge!

I love learning, practicing, building strength in discipline

and honing skills.

There is sometimes that I just reflect and vision my next steps.

I have observed being busy does not mean I am being more productive.

And doing nothing does not mean I am being unproductive.

In fact the act of doing nothing is an activity I now highly revere and admire folks I know who

appear to have mastered this art.

It takes great skill.

To calm the mind, master the mind and body

by being still. quiet and receptive to the great universal cosmos

working as us.

There is something much greater than the individual part of who I am today.

There infinite possibility available,

waiting to be born.

Something different.

Something new.

I can do all things if i believe.

I believe I can be what I will to be.

And I believe boredom is simply another choice,

One that do not choose to partake in.

My bucket list is just too long and  boredom is not it.

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John Francetic - December 30, 2017

You have a gift in putting your thoughts into ideas that make sense. Good for you

    Kendra - January 2, 2018

    Thank you so much Jhon I am so grateful for you! <3

Sheryl Boyle - December 24, 2017

I find that I am bored when I’m in a funk. These days I don’t have much boredom, however I do have procrastination on not doing what I may need to do but don’t want to do. That’s why deadlines for me are so crucial.

I love reading your insights and seeing the growth in love.

Blessings on your journey and much love to you Kendra!

    Kendra - December 26, 2017

    Thank you so much Sheryl!
    I love sharing my thoughts, it is quite interesting to see where i’ve been in my life as well. <3

Kris Baker - December 17, 2017

Nice blog. My bucket list is long as well. Can’t wait to achieve them all and keep adding more to my list.

    Kendra - December 18, 2017

    Ya! There realley is no end… I’m just excited to see what’s happening next. Appreciating the moment as well.


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