MKE #3 – Week 15 – Permission to live

Why is it I think I must DIE before I give myself permission to LIVE?

From the beginning of the day.

Before I have decided to announce my wakingness to the world.

I am listening.

For that which feels in alignment with what I love most.

The life I love living.

If I prepare myself to recieve it

in all its clarity from within my mind’s eye

Will it come to me ?

Is it already there waiting, fully formed for me to come get it.

If so, perhaps i must take up a pick-ax and chip away.

Or do I think it up myself.

C.Haanel, author of the Masterkey System says

“The finite can not inform the infinite.”

         Does that mean I do not instruct the universe

on what it is I want.

The universe already knows.

No need to write a letter to Santa.

He already has the present wrapped and ready for you to open.

Will you be Open?


conditions, conditions.

The backwards thinking is going on maybe.

I find myself in a dynamic of conditional love.

Conditions must be right for it to work like this.

Henry Ford has shown up many times to let me know,

“If you think you CAN”T or you think you CAN, You’re right!”

Well, Subby and its peptide are loud and wild sometimes.

I must detach from everything to see what I realley want right now.

And time.

Oh my goodness, such an interesting idea.

Soooo, many ideas attached to this and this time of the day.

What is the best time to do this or that.

The compass guides me, except when I abandone it.

Why would i do this?

The phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat’

come to mind.

When I am at the very top of my game,

I seem to grow restless to loosen the grip of

what momentum I am in to wander down a new

unfamiliar path out of wondering

‘what is this’?

What is all here?

What all is here?

What all is there?

What else exists?

What else can i do?

Can I do this, and that?

At the same time, how much, how far,

I keep pushing the limit until

the progress i built so far

crumbles in the background.

Then, I say





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