MKE #3 – Week 16 – Oxymorons

There is an interesting feeling I want to ponder.

The feelings of strong duality on upon a certain idea.

Knowing ‘the law of dual thought’ is being aware that

I am choosing whatever feeling I want to associate with this

experience, present moment, idea.

It’s all there.

Everyday is new.

New situations.

New choices.

What do i choose?

It seems so obvious its silly.

“Just always focuse on the positive 24/7”

Attach good feelings to everything!

But hmmm…

Why do i feel so strange when everything is going too good.

Like it only lasts X amount of time before,

for no logical reason other than

peptides are hungry

the white snowy layer of swet goodness seems to

melt away,

leaving a brown mud that i

wake up surrounded by one day.

It doesnt just happen.

It’s in my mind.

There camoflauging,

waiting for the guardsmen to drop off duty

so it can sneak in like

the seeds of weeds in a garden bed

I realley don’t notice them until they

are obviously not what i want,

though Ive been nurturing them all along

with the intention of a progress in

whatever area i am focused.

I have felt these surging desires to make alot of noise

Or be outrageously different in public.

Inside I feel it.

But I hold myself back.

Not knowing if this is okay.

Can I do what I want and

allow it to be okay?

I have observed a tiresome

Resistance to the idea that

other people are unaffected by

anything that has to do with me.

It is they who are also choosing what they want to experience

in association to themself.

I want to be okay with me and others.

I cannot make anyone do something

and no one can make me do anything.

As rebellious as that can sound.

Are we not the only choosers of our choices?

The Sovereign of our cimcumstances.

Maybe that thing I am hesitant to let go of is not

in alignment with what I want anyway.

Let it go!

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John Francetic - January 13, 2018

What great thoughts. Thank you.

    Kendra - January 13, 2018

    My pleasure! You are welcome. Thanks for reading.


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