MKE #3 – Week 18 – Crystal Clarity

What am I being pulled to do right now?

I like to ask myself this question.

I often find myself getting lost in my thoughts,

alot is going on all around and within me.

I want to be doing what is in my best highest point of interest

even though i know the deterants may have their place in my life in

terms of learning lessons, mistakes are appreciated yet only

once i decide it is not what I want does it become useful to me.

Prior to the epiphany I still seem stuck in a mire of confusion.

I like being productive, growing and excelling.

I wont speak for anyone else, but Its what makes life go on.

The plateau come up I think when there is a lot of progress being made and

then suddenly my subconcious rears back in resistance.

Suddenly realizing I am outside the perimeter of all that we have ever known.

And I am terrified, because I have no idea where i am.

There is no more familiarity.

And if ive been going this way for awhile before i suddenly look up and see im

in the middle of “nothing i recognize” ,

what seems to be an even more terrifying is not seeing the way back to what I

once was.

Now I am officially stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Even odder is when I know i want something and I deliberately duck for cover

when the opprutunity is presented, afraid of my own light??

Succeeding takes courage.

Just waking up in the morning takes courage.

That courage comes from within.

Realizing I am what I think, is the key.

The way to whatever I want most.

Here is wherever I want it to be.

There is not a better feeling than

knowing I dont even have to do what I

push myself to do out of a fearful struggle.

To let all of that go is such a relief!

Stress being the #1 killer and stress is a choice.

Make sure it is what you are being guided to do.

Yes! There is a part of me that knows the way.

like google maps, I can ask for directions

it ia my feelings that tell me where I am in relation to

where I want to be right now.

It is an instant transition because it is mental movement

at the speed of thought I can transform my life.

A Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!

Since everything is literally in my head,

the most critical “massive action”

I feel i must take, knowledge I want to apply is

to invision and affirm life as what i want it to be.

To the tiniest detail, crystal clarity.

Every bit matters.


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Carol Parker - February 8, 2018

Hi Kendra! I loved reading your blog about Crystal Clarity!! You are so clear with your words!! It’s true isn’t it, thought is the master key to everything!!

    Kendra - February 12, 2018

    Yes Carol, I do THINK so! <3

Lisa - February 4, 2018

What a great post and description. If the world could just change the way they think of themselves amazing things would happen

    Kendra - February 12, 2018

    I agree, the change can be a beautiful thing.

Brenda - January 21, 2018

Kendra, This is Beautifully written, down to the tiniest detail. When we refine our Passion with Crystal Clarity, Life happens! 🙂 I AM forever Grateful for YOU!

    Kendra - January 21, 2018

    YES! my intentions are to get as specific as possible from now on about what I truly desire from within, other than looking to external conditions to see what is possible.

Lisa Houser - January 21, 2018

What an interesting insight. The power of thought is incredible. Thank you for sharing you thoughts

    Kendra - January 21, 2018

    I SO agree Lisa! From my experience thought is the masterkey to everything!


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