MKE #3 – Week 19 – Business

What does it mean to be busy?

Is it filling my life with a constant flow of activity,

having lots to do all at once or

maybe having alot of things to do

not knowing if they will all get done or not.

When I get up in the morning,  I do not know if this is  going to be a busy day

or not.

Until, perhaps I look around and think

“Ah, today is a BUSY day.”

But busy doesnt have to mean active, nor does it mean productive.

Am i doing things that i enjoy,

and am i enjoying the things i do?

If not why?

Is there something i think i HAVE to do that I

would much rather be doing something else.

Honestly, deep in my heart I want to make each moment and

everything i do in that moment count.

I want to do something that matters to somebody

and since I feel there is realley no way of knowing if it what

I have to offer is of value or important to anyone else

I use my own self as a test subject.

What realley matters to me?

If it matters to me will it matter to anybody else

and if not then what.

Well, I believe that everything matters in some way

wether it is something that feels like a “mistake”, something I decide i dont realley want

I can learn from it.

It as a purpose just as much if not more than recognizing what it is

I would really love.

When I feel pulled to do something from within that I feel is guidance from the universal mind

and it is in harmony with the greater good of all,

how could i ever make a mistake anyway?

Seems like everything is making my faith grow, no matter what.

Even when I think im lost, I am finding a new way I

may never have found without going astray.

I would rather stay on the path.

There are reminders everyday.

The true path for me gets clearer and brighter with every step forward or back.

There is always something happening.

The universe is so busy, within, outside and through me.

I am grateful for it all.

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