MKE #3 – Week 20 – Acceleration of Demonstrations

It seems there is no saving life for later.
I can feel it melting away slowly like a candle’s wax.
As my mom says “life is too short not to live it in JOY.”
SO I am in-joy-ing it All. RIGHT NOW, doing what I LOVE. Right now
and forever. If right now is all there is ever going to be. What am I waiting for?
Perfect circumstances/conditions?’
NAH! Ive learned that when I get REAL honest and specific about what I really want
and I actually ALLOW permission for it to happen in my experience,
the universe doesn’t like to wait at any longer than I do.
The more clear and sure in my request I am about something,
the quicker it seems to appear (and STAY) in my reality.
(these steps are crucial for manifesting and actually living the life I dream of,
I dont know how many times ive overlooked the fact that
i was holding myself back, and up the process by simply by being apprehensive, afraid or indecisive.)
Before I can get clear on what productive physical action to take this is essential.
Once I am cut loose from all the things I think I “need”.
I remember the truth that God is the source of all,
something I can not possibly be seperated from EVER!
Everything I could ever want and need comes to me with ease and grace.
I can just relax and let it happen. Allow it to happen.
I dont make anything happen, God does, through me yes,
but there is no need for pain, struggle or fear except that they provide
AWEMAZING contrast.
For that i appreciate them and clearly see their purpose in helping me get even clearer
and experience a stronger level of well-being.
Bless you darkness!
There is no time for me to waste.
I think about the song “Dust in the wind” by Kansas,
I am letting go, letting God and living my dreams.
Talk to you later!
I am off to do what I LOVE…
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Carl Anderson - February 22, 2018

Everything I could ever want and need comes to me with ease and grace!!!

    Kendra - February 22, 2018

    Amen! <3 🙂

William Knox - February 18, 2018

Sweet! Keep in-joy-ing it all!

    Kendra - February 22, 2018

    Thank you! William, I am. 🙂


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