MKE #3 – Week 21 – Equal


What is it to be equal?

I am the same in value and importance

as everything else in the world.

And I am everything so whatever the world is worth

I am also worth that.


Can I be competitive at all

if the only one I am competing with

is myself?

What if something

was less or more than something else.

In what context?

I guess in some terms the ability to

measure and compare relative to another thing.

Inequality can be constructive.

Yet, In terms of overall meaning at the highest level,

is all of the possibilities I can possibly consider

not but a great charade on my part?

I am choosing to play this;

and whatever I am being

is real for me.

It becomes important

because I make it important.

Maybe because it is something I

desire dearly.

The way things are

can be different to every individual

though I can share in comman

desires and adorations.

Things I love.

Can I relate to everything through

something that we share?

At the first and most basic level.

I believe everything, including me

is connected as one


of incomparably



and therefore


is equal.

I have believed in the past


False – Evidence – Appearing – Real

that I could be somehow

worth – less than


or perhaps at least something.

Or questioned

“How much am I worth?”

The feeling of being worthless

has evoked many heartaches

in myself.

A false destructive belief

can indeed seem so real.

But if it is not authenticly what I

feel joyous desire for

than what if it didn’t HAVE to be this way.

What if I ( and only I)

can choose the way things are for my life’s reality

what would I love?

Can it be me

and can i be it?

What do I say?

If I am the master of my life

through my decisions.

Than could it really be up to me than?

What do I decide?

To feel good or bad.

Happy or sad?

Although exact specifics

 may differ

I desire to be true to my

highest self.



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