MKE #3 – Week 24 – Self-Awareness


This marks completion of the 6-month program

in the Masterkey Experience by Training Solutions.

I have experienced so much internal change and

subsequent transformation throughout my whole life experience.

The Masterkey is thought, I believe,

I have the key,

and also a plan (POA)

that gets clearer

and I feel like is always going to be


based on my ever-expanding

awareness of what I want

I have an eternal inspirational

queue lined up.

Although I am perfectly content with what is

I am welcoming with great enthusiasm

for more and more to

flow through me.

It’s all for fun!

I want to bring it to share with the world,

gifts to give and receive.

Enjoy and appreciate.

Surrender to the goodness

of all that is, was and is coming…



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